Brand new products and furnishings – Tipi Unique

Brand new products and furnishings

We are thrilled to say that we have recently expanded our furnishings and accessories collection! We cannot wait for you to see them, and to discover just how fitting they look in our fabulous tipis. All items are completely individual one-off pieces, so really lend their hand to creating that ultimate wow-factor. Continue reading to get your sneak peek at our newest products…

Cosy atmosphere created by our newest range of furnishings

Genuine cow hide and leather pommel seats paired with a low coffee table and bohemian coloured rugs 

Our quirky little mushroom stools look perfect situated anywhere in the tipis

Our wooden beer barrels make fab side tables to present food, drinks, and gifts

Our hand-crafted rustic poseur tables and chairs work amazingly as relaxed seating arrangements 

The fire pit makes for the best focal point and complementary piece

Tractor swivel bar stools positioned around our cosy, comforting fire pit

Close up of our rustic pommel stools - soooo comfy!

Reindeer skins make for the comfiest throws and add extra warmth and padding to our benches

Teak swivel stools look right at home alongside our vintage crate-end bar

Snuggle up on our Chesterfield armchairs and sofas whilst sipping fizz with family and friends (we are more than happy for you to use hay bales in and around the tipis!)

Hopefully, this photo reel of our newest additions has left you with plenty of ideas for the styling of your own event. You will also find all the pricing and more information about our products in the ‘Tipi Unique - Uniquely Styled 2017’ brochure.

Our very best wishes.

Tipi Unique x

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