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Hello there, welcome. We’re so glad you’ve found us. That means that you’re planning a very special tipi wedding. Congratulations on choosing something unique, totally mind-blowingly awesome and personal to yourself and your partner for your very own perfect day.

*Waving enthusiastically* I’m Karen from Tipi Unique and we’re just so delighted to help you learn more about tipis for weddings. We’re slightly obsessed with going the extra mile to make your wedding extra special. If we can provide you with help and support, then we’re totally in our element.

Now what kinda’ thing can we help you with?

The answer is plenty of things such as support in terms of choosing the perfect tipi wedding that reflects your dreams; advice on best internal floor plans and space planning or perhaps sharing our trusted network of wedding pro suppliers (carefully hand-matched to your own style, tastes and budget). More importantly, having planned our own tipi wedding, we know the need to keep a watchful eye on budget.

Whatever your budget, there’s a wedding package to suit…

We can even help you build a bespoke cost that’s got just the things you love. None of this ‘you must have this’ or ‘you can only have this package’. It’s your day, do it your very own way. Our job is to walk alongside you during your tipi wedding planning (we promise not to be skipping down the aisle though – that would be a bit much). We’re here to answer any questions, and we do love the variety we hear. We will help with just about anything that makes it easier for you to understand your tipi wedding and what’s involved and ultimately make sure you know everything you need to so that you have the most amazing day ever.

You can be assured we’ll provide open, honest and clear communication about your tipi wedding prices – showing you that you really can have tailor-made tipi wedding that’s everything you’d hoped for.



I couldn't fault you at all keep up the great work.

It has been an absolute pleasure speaking to you. With regards to your customer service, it's fantastic I couldn't fault you at all - keep up the great work.

Kevin Rivers Wedding set for 10-06-2017

Why a luxury tipi wedding?

It’s that desire to do something different, something so out there that your loved ones will be taken aback by the individuality and creativity (and let’s not forget – the originality) of your stunning wedding tipis.

First up, you just gotta’ love the incredible shape of a giant tipi.

Ok try this at the dinner table, can you describe a tipi shape? See what answers you get back. My fave so far was the reference to a giant 50p piece – love it! Now hold that thought… no square corners, no straight walls. Yes, that’s right, your tipi wedding will be anything but regular. This is where the magic really happens.

Ok so connect your giant 50p pieces and you have just created yourself a large fee-flowing open plan space. Amazingly, unlike traditional structures, because a tipi has nine sides, each able to link to another tipi, there’s limitless possibilities with the arrangements of the tipis. For you, this means you can have your tipi wedding inside wonderfully varied spaces like a triangle, diamond, not to mention our horseshoe set-up or courtyard configuration. With this in mind, your table plans and wedding breakfast options have just got a whole lot more interesting.

Now you can have anything you choose for your tipi wedding…

Do you dream of tables fanned around a gorgeous, warming fire-pit? Maybe it’s long banqueting tables or how about clusters of tables accommodating any size groupings sound? Wait, there’s more, with a stunning collection of layouts, you get the chance to position your dance floor, bar, and all of those wedding Pinterest ideas that you’ve lovingly crafted wherever you choose. We can of course help with this. I do love seeing the fabulous ideas and clever ways in which couples use the internal tipi spaces.

Hold onto your horses, (if you have one that is)

You’ve just gotta know about the truly incredible ability of the tipis to provide a real connection with the outdoors at your tipi wedding. Designed with gorgeous views and rolling countryside in mind, our tipis are able to elevate their sides so that you can enjoy panoramic views out across your very own tipi wedding venue. You and your guests can enjoy wandering in and out of the tipis through this rather extravagant and elegant covered porch.

Looking for an exclusive, intimate feel for your wedding, then we’ve got the answer.

Our tipis can also have their sides closed down to create a ambient, atmospheric celebration of the new happy couple that’s guaranteed to keep the party going ’til the early hours.



So many people said it was the best wedding they had been to...

I choose to use Tipi Unique for our wedding over our venues recommended supplier because they were just so easy to deal with, nothing was too much trouble and their tipis were just amazing. As I am a florist and venue designer, being able to create the atmosphere and style I wanted was so important, so being able to work with my suppliers was absolutely crucial and Tipi Unique gave me such a fantastic space to work with.

Nothing was too much trouble for them, we changed things several times (sorry!) and the bar and fire pit we ordered as well were such big hits with the guests. We cannot recommend them enough, if you want a truly different wedding and want to create a beautiful space, that is only yours, then these guys are a must.

Thank you so much for being part of an amazing day, so many people said it was the best wedding they had been to, informal, relaxed, but full of loads of details that these tipis enabled us to supply. We spent lots of time in them, setting everything up that it really felt like home and so many people commented on what an amazing energy the space in the tipis had. I didn't want to leave. Warm, comfortable, amazingly flat under foot, (I had heels on and I didn't even notice it was so easy to walk on) and so versatile, you could create anything under them. Truly truly spectacular thank you all.

Kerry Ballard Married on 30th April 2017

Cheshire wedding venues ideal for giant tipis

Ask yourself this, what are the things that are really important to you about your tipi wedding venue?

  • Could it be a lakeside setting, surrounded by wild meadow flowers or secluded in your own private woodland?
  • Perhaps it’s a gorgeous garden, a sentimental area, a celebration at your team’s sports grounds?
  • Maybe your tipi wedding is a beachfront setting or pitched in the grounds of your fave aunt/uncle/gran or granddad’s house?

There’s so many possibilities…

All you need to know is that our tipis can be lovingly put up on any level area (preferably grass). We have the almightiest 6m long trailer so we just ask for good access to the wedding tipi venue and we’re all set.

Talk to us too about pitchin’ on hard grounds – you’ll be surprised by what an be achieved. We’ve got a expert crew who can advise and we can even visit your tipi wedding venue for pre-wed site assessment to help you plan your perfect spot. Sounds good, got some early ideas of what you and your partner would love as the backdrop to your tipi wedding, perfect!

Get in touch and we’ll share with you our bang-up-to-the-minute directory of our reviewed, trusted and mighty fine Cheshire tipi wedding venues. We’ve personally given them our seal of approval. We love them. We hope you will too. Then it’s over to you, plan your site visits, meet the owners and (hopefully) enjoy a free glass of bubbly or two. That sure was our fave part of tipi venue hunting….*blush*.



Everyone loved the edison bulbs especially!

Karen & Mat were fantastic from the moment we got in touch. So very supportive the whole way through the process. Karen is always on the other end of an email/call for whatever queries or concerns you may have. It was a pleasure organising our wedding and was made so much easier with a team like Tipi Unique.

Their styling and accessories really give the tipis the perfect look. Everyone loved the edison bulbs especially. Thank you Karen and Mat for being the best team we could have asked for xx

Nollaig Ní Ríordáin Married on 20th August 2016

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Wedding tipi prices, affordable and fantastic!

Now seemingly, when the word ‘wedding’ is used, that somehow translates to ‘expensive, extra cost, a premium’. You know the kinda’ thing – right? Not with us. Our tipi wedding prices cost exactly the same as they would if you were hosting a birthday bash, an all-out corporate do or indeed a festival, charity fair, pop-up restaurant, Christmas and New Year’s festivities or perhaps just a summer garden BBQ with nearest and dearest.

So let me get this straight, no premiums, no hidden costs, no inflated prices. Yes that’s exactly right. And to add to this, we even go as far as keeping our wedding tipi costs the same price year round. No matter the month, you can have a tipi wedding at a fixed price to boot! Gotta’ love that… simple, clear and different from all the rest. Why? Well we do it because we love what we do and we’re passionate about bringing affordable tipi weddings to as many folk across the UK as we can.

Hang on to your hats, there’s more.

Now having been wed ourselves (check out our blog Our Very Own Rustic Romance Tipi Wedding we’ve experienced the planning, the budgeting, the endless discussions about what your lusting after vs. making sensible and practical decisions to shave pennies off your bottom line.



It is a dream to work alongside Tipi Unique!

What can I say, working with Karen, Mat and the team is amazing. Their attention to detail, their flexibility and their passion for what they do shines bright. Nothing is too much trouble to ensure that you have the right tipi style, layout and set up for your wedding or event.

It is a dream to work alongside Tipi Unique and cannot wait to work together throughout 2016 + 2017! A lot of planning to do and could not think of a better tipi company to work with!

Sarah Tugwell Sprinkle of Magic Wedding Planners

Tipi wedding ideas, from pre-event planning and support to on-the-day ideas to wow your guests…

Will you just rock up, pitch up and then leave us to it?

Hell no! We’ll be as involved as you want us to be. We’ll always go the extra mile. Chatting about your tipi wedding ideas is right up there as one of our all-time fave things to do. I love to find out the details… Who’s coming? Who isn’t? What’s the dress like? What’s the venue like? Or, what catering style have you decided? D’ya know, asking about these aspects can really help provide a tailored tipi wedding service for you and your partner. We’ve had some of our best moments when we’ve known a little more about your day – in fact, as we’re usually first on site in the lead up to the wedding, we often take on a wedding management/co-ordination role. We’ll happily brief your other suppliers, position generators, liaise with venue staff on your behalf. Oh, and with our rather dapper 4X4 truck, we’re always on hand to give anyone a lift if they’re struggling with wedding logistics/access/ground conditions etc. or perhaps moving their grand piano. And, yes this is really happening. Sounds too good to be true? It’s all part of our service. We want you to have a hassle-free day (and of course in the days prior too), that’s it, that’s our aim and our hopes for each wedding we deliver.

It doesn’t just stop there, oh no. We can help with practical advice like heating the tipis, walkways, wedding tipi venue external lighting, power provision and toilet provision too.

Wanna get creative?

Wanna put your very own stamp on the tipis and really celebrate your relationship, your passions and interests? We’re rather nifty when it comes to sprinklin’ a twinkle about the place with fabulous fairy lights or perhaps popping a flower or two on our spruces to spruce up the tipis to your liking. We’ll even share top tips for perfectly pinning your pictures, fluffing your pom poms or titivating your tables.

Want the kids to have a wicked day?

Let us share advice on outdoor games, activities and other super-cool fun stuff? What about your seating options?

Rounds? Longs? A mix of the two?

So many choices, each as equally amazing as the next. Whittling’ it down to suit your needs is easy – creating your table arrangement will no doubt be a little harder.

Don’t fancy doing it all yourself?

You don’t have to with us on board and our great network of trusted and much-loved partners who can help with just about anything from ice cream carts, aerial acrobatics, mind-boggling illusions and unique face/body painting to name a few. What ever it is, between us, we can help you find someone who will blow your socks off with their talents.

Seen something you love, can’t find it anywhere. Fear not, we’ve got a little secret…

Mat, as well as being our lead installer, oh and my rather fab hubby, he’s a dab hand at hand-crafting goodies. So far we’ve made an Edison lightbulb hanging display, a chuppah. Check out that little beauty! (I just had to put a pic for you to see this fine and dandy piece inspired by our friends over the pond). Coming up, we’ve got a set of Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe doors too. Keep your eyes pinned for social media updates by the minute of these one-off gems. Got an idea, together we’ll have a pow-wow and a brainstorm (fuelled by cake usually) and we’ll help create and design something that’s right up your street – no matter what it is, it’s always worth a shout in our direction first to see if we can help with your tipi wedding ideas.

Tipi handcrafted wedding arch

What’s not to love, let Tipi Unique provide your perfect tipi wedding…

We’re straight up, honest and work darn hard to make sure your wedding tipi hire is open, upfront and always led by you. Like what your read, wait then ’til you see our tipis – that’s where the magic really happens. Drop us an email or give us a tinkle, we’d love to chat about your wedding tipi hopes and dreams. More importantly – helping you make them a reality.

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