hands up if you’re looking for the ability to host your own outdoor wedding in a location of your choice

raise em’ up if you’re searching for a blank canvas (quite literally)

first things first, a massive congratulations from all of us at tuhq – such exciting times ahead!

“Where do I begin?” we hear you cry, fear not! We know that after the excitement of an engagement comes the sudden worry and realisation of what you’re about to embark on. We’re ever so slightly obsessed with weddings, and it’s that desire to do something completely unique and original that drives us to co-ordinate the most breath-taking tipi weddings.


Tipi hire is becoming a fast-growing trend, yet no two tipi weddings are ever the same. So don’t panic! We’re here to guide you every step of the way, to take the pressure away, and help you become tipi experts by the end of it! Here at Tipi Unique we’re passionate about helping to create a bespoke tipi wedding, whilst leaving you and all your loved ones with lasting impressions and amazing memories…

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Luxury tipi wedding hire

Hands up if you’re looking for the ability to host your own outdoor wedding in a location of your choice? Raise em’ up if you’re searching for a blank canvas (quite literally!) to sprinkle in your own style and personalisation? Up one more time if you refuse to settle for anything less than flexibility and creativity – the option to be completely in control, and have an enjoyable wedding planning experience? Well, you’ve come to the right people!

Tipi Unique Luxury Tipi Wedding
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the perfect marquee alternative:

Giant tipi hire is the ultimate marquee wedding alternative – if we don’t say so ourselves! Our variety of beautiful Nordic tipi tents offer a vast range of wedding spaces, and with different wedding tipis to choose from, we’re confident there’s something for everyone.

Hiring tipis for your event is simple, and creating the right space is easily achieved. Our main aim is to create a celebration that is loved by everyone, and to leave all guests with amazing first impressions and lasting memories.

Bursting with limitless opportunities to design your own wedding venue, tipi weddings provide a blank canvas to let your creativity and imagination run wild. Are we talking free-spirited festival vibes? Beautiful boho stylings? A modern day with traditional fairy-tale twists? Organic, earthy and DIY? Unlike traditional marquee hire, our tipis provide the opportunity to transform your wedding venue into a space that completely reflects the both of you as a couple. Tipis are just so original and magical – the feeling you get when first walking into an enchanting tipi set up is utterly indescribable. There’s no doubt in our minds that they’re the kings of the wedding tent world! We promise to share endless wedspiration and ideas, trust us when we say we have enough pictures and videos to keep you busy for hours! Whatever style you choose, we will ensure that your teepee wedding is exclusively yours, and completely different from a typical white marquee wedding!

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it’s your tipi wedding, done your way:

We’re not just any tipi hire company, we encourage you to create your own wedding with no one to steer, shift, or persuade you that you really must have ‘X’, or you definitely need ‘Y”. It’s your wedding day, so every detail should be flexible and exactly how you’d imagined – free from all unnecessary restrictions!

Your wedding done your way

We don’t just stop at hiring giant tipis, we’ve also got a gorgeous range of rustic furnishings, some of which are only exclusive to us! Our warehouses are full of impressive items that can add flair and character to your wedding tipis – we’re like little magpies who just love collecting new goodies! From rustic seating options and soft/comfy furnishings, to vintage bar structures and dazzling lighting designs, we’ve got it all! By adding our collection of chill-out furnishings, cosy fire pits, sumptuous rugs, and twinkling fairy lights, you’ll be guaranteed an ambient atmosphere for all to enjoy. Or ramp up the party atmosphere with our dance floor, disco ball, spotlights and sound systems – the choice is completely and utterly yours.

Your wedding done your way - Funiture

Not only this, but our dedicated team are dab hands at designing and hand-crafting bespoke wedding furniture. If you can’t find what you’re after on our shelves, we’ll wave our magic wand, sprinkle some fairy dust, and get to work producing an exclusive piece just for you.

Our ‘Uniquely Styled’ catalogue outlines every single product (and price), so that you can pick and choose exactly want you want. For more info on our selection of wedding furniture, take a peek at our Uniquely Styled page (go on, we know you want to!).

When it comes to selecting your other wedding people, we’re more than happy for you to bring in whoever you want – there’s no restrictions with us!

If you’ve not already got your band of merry wedding suppliers, we can make some fab suggestions based on companies that we know and trust. We’ll just ask a few questions, such as: what type of food are you after – a festival-style feast rather than a traditional wedding breakfast? How do you want to run the bar? What type of entertainment would be loved by all of your guests? We’ll consult our rather ginormous backlog of suppliers, and share the details of people that we know will speak your language, and work alongside us to create an incredible wedding experience.

Don’t worry about introducing us to new suppliers, we absolutely love making friends with other wedding companies – finding your perfect suppliers is all part of the tipi wedding jigsaw puzzle, and we’re mad passionate about selecting all the right pieces!

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bespoke quotes only – no packages in sight!

Now seemingly when the word ‘wedding’ is used, that somehow translates to ‘expensive’, ‘extra cost’, and ‘premium’. Not with us! We proudly take a fresh approach, and wouldn’t dream of charging more for weddings, weekends, bank hols, or summer dates. Why? Because we love our job, and providing affordable tipi weddings is what we do best.

We don’t believe in offering packages and reproducing off-the-shelf weddings, because quite simply, one size does not fit all! Instead, we have set prices for all products so that you can build you own itemised quote – a teepee wedding unlike any other! We promise to be upfront and honest from the very start, with no hidden costs, so that you know exactly what to expect – proving that tipi hire for weddings is actually extremely comparable with marquee hire. Simple, clear, and different from all the rest, so that you can keep a watchful eye on budget and enjoy a hassle-free process.

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we’re not your average tipi hire company

Once you’ve booked with us we won’t leave you to figure everything else out alone – no chance! We’ll be there every step of the way, our job is to walk alongside you during your tipi wedding planning (although we promise not to be skipping down the aisle though – that would be a bit much!).

Tipi Unique - Not your average tipi company
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how we work – our aim and ethos

We’ll be your all encompassing wedding planning service, and are always at the end of the phone or an email away. We can have as many meetings as you wish, we’ll happily come out to see your chosen venue and measure up the space, or invite you over to our office for a brew and biscuits!

One our fave parts of planning tipi weddings, is developing your bespoke layouts. Our scaled layouts are an exact representation, so will bring your wedding tipis to life – super helpful when trying to envision the space and decide where might be best to position key areas. Can’t get your head around the unique shape of our tipis? Well grab a 50p and hold that thought… no square corners, no straight walls. Yes that’s right, your tipi wedding will be anything but regular!


We work tirelessly to ensure your layout is planned to a T, and by sharing endless pics, vids, and configurations you’ll become victim to the tipi bug! Don’t forget, we’re on-hand 24/7 to make any sudden adjustments to your layouts (or quotes), and our speedy updates/replies will leave you with plenty of time to refine and perfect your big day.

Whatever it takes, we will help to create a unique wedding experience that you’ll never forget.

Of course, if you’d refer to take the reins and be completely independent, that’s more than fine by us. As long as we check in and discuss any new and important decisions – venue ideas, supplier updates, changes to quote/layout etc. we’ll be onto a winner!

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the wedding industry awards

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We got some sensational feedback and scores at the Wedding Industry Awards – check them out below!


Flexibility of the marquee options available.


Quality of customer service and communication received from your marquee provider.


Quality of expertise, advice and guidance received from your marquee supplier.


Speed and precision when erecting and de-rigging the marquee(s).


The level at which what you ordered and agreed was delivered.


Quality of your marquee provider's web presence (web site, facebook etc).


Value for money.


Total Score

award winning

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finding your perfect cheshire wedding venue

So this one’s a biggie! When it comes to tipi wedding venues it’s crucial to pick a location that makes your heart race with excitement.


All you need to know is that our tipis can be lovingly put up on any level area (preferably grass) – think sports grounds, village halls, campsites, farmer’s fields, or privately owned land. Fortunately for you, we’re based in Cheshire so you needn’t look further than our very own doorstep! We can guarantee that with our recommended Cheshire venues you’ll be spoilt for choice – we’re a little bias, but who can blame us it’s bloomin’ beautiful! Tell us what’s important, and we’ll put our thinking hats on to whittle down our directory until you’ve found the perfect match.

Perhaps the best thing to do would be to write a wish list of what your chosen Cheshire tipi marquee venue would offer. Have a think about some/all of the following ideas to see if you could begin to narrow your search:

Tipi Unique Luxury Tipi Weddings
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region – cheshire tipi wedding or north west?

Naturally we have an ’in-tents’ amount of love for our Cheshire wedding venues, but we don’t just stop there!

If it’s tipi hire in the North West you’re after, we’ve got a massive list of hand-picked hidden gems. You’ll often find us roaming far and wide to venues across Manchester, Cumbria, Shropshire, Wales, Lancashire, and Merseyside (to name a few!). Being located in Cheshire gives us an unbeatable connection with all major motorway networks, meaning we can easily deliver your tipi wedding to any North West wedding venue.

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setting & outdoor wedding facilities:

Your wedding venue has to have your checklist brimming with ticks in all the right places. We bet you’ve found venues that are too far, too urban, too formal – too many don’ts and very little do’s!

Deciding on the setting and location for your luxury tipi wedding can be a tricky job! Do you want to be at one with nature, surrounded by wild meadows, woodlands, or by the lakeside? Would you prefer a sentimental spot at your family home? Whether you’ll be lounging on our Chesterfield sofas watching the sunset, or dancing under starlit skies, it’s the connection with the outdoors that is simply irresistible.

Dreaming of an enchanting outdoor wedding ceremony? No problem! A great number of tipi wedding venues in Cheshire can provide you with just that. Is accommodation at the top of your wedding venue wish list? Again, so many of our recommend venues offer luxurious overnight stays/B&Bs or the option for glamping – see our Boutique Tipi Hotel brochure for more info.

In terms of all practical utilities, you can trust this tipi hire company to have all key elements sorted, and all eventualities to be covered. We won’t just pitch up and leave you to it, if needed we are more than happy to source toilet units, power provisions, heaters, and external lighting. Being long established, and with hundreds of tipi weddings under our belts, we go the extra mile to get outstanding trade rates from our reliable and professional contacts. We’ll also take it upon ourselves to check in with your other suppliers, so that we can cross the T’s and dot the I’s regarding power and other techy details.

What about setting up on hard standing? Easy – you’ll be surprised at what tipi magic can be achieved! Our expert crew will advise during the pre-wedding site assessment if any complex installation methods will be needed.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s all part of our service! We want you to have a hassle-free day (and of course during the run up), because that’s our aim for each tipi wedding we deliver.

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“cheshire tipi hire sounds too expensive”… wrong!

You may not believe us yet, but you can definitely find a luxury wedding venue, without the luxury price tag!

Want a venue with a little je ne said quoi? We can direct you to the most picturesque locations so you grab those instagramable photo opportunities and stunning backdrops, without breaking the bank! We know that every penny counts, so we’ll share some of the best budget wedding venues in Cheshire, and the North West. Starting from as little as a few hundred pounds, we know some of the regions treasures, which can offer different packages and prices to suit your wedding needs. These venues don’t compromise on service either, you really can have a venue that’s exclusively yours (and often for 3 days!) to make the most out of your tipi wedding.

Tipi Unique Wedding Venue

Get in touch and we’ll share with you our fabulous directory of our trusted and mighty fine Cheshire tipi wedding venues.

We’ve personally given them our seal of approval – we love them, and we hope you will too. Then it’s over to you, plan your site visits, meet the owners, and (hopefully) enjoy a free glass of bubbly or two!

No matter what type of tipi wedding venue you pick, or which location gets you most excited, we’ll make sure it’s nothing less than perfect. Let our tipis take centre stage (after yourselves of course), and offer your loved ones a unique wedding venue to celebrate your big day in style!

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embrace the british weather with our nordic wedding tipis

Unlike marquee hire, our tipis are literally built to withstand icy temperatures and the pouring rain, but fingers and toes crossed it will be glorious sunshine on your big day!


Originating from Sweden, our giant tipis for hire are tried and tested to withstand unpredictable conditions – a bit of Northern rain is nothing compared to what these tipis can handle. We really can’t stress this enough – outdoor tipi weddings are incredible all year round, no matter what the weather!

Tipi Unique Couple Embrace the British weather

With plenty of weather-proofing options, such as canvas/PVC extensions and toasty heaters and fire pits, you and your guests will be nestled inside our cosy tipis without a care in the world.
For more useful info about how we weather-proof our resilient wedding tipis, click here.

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visit our wedding tipis for hire at open days and wedding fayres

We often have numerous showcase events each year, which provides you with the perfect opportunity to see our giant tipis in all their glory.


We always advise our clients to come to as many wedding fayres as possible – it’s honestly the best way to get a real understand of the spaces and to see our gorgeous furnishings in situ. We always go all out with theme and décor, go big or go home we say! We just love offering new ideas to help you discover new ways to make your tipi wedding unique.

Tipi Unique Wedding open days

Our friendly team of wedding planners will also be on hand to help with any specific questions/queries you may have. We can even book 1:1 appointments to chat through your wedding plans in detail. Not only this but we always have exclusive discounts at each show, giving you the chance to save some serious cash on your wedding tipis!

Check out the full list of our upcoming wedding fayres here!

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share the luurv for our giant tipis

If we’re not making our clients happy by creating their dream weddings, we’re not happy either – #happycustomershappyus! But don’t just take our word for it, check out our 5* testimonials from our lovely couples for yourself…

Tipi Unique Clients We Love

For extra inspo and advice, head over to our tipi weddings showcase section! We promise reading the blogs from past tipi weddings will fill you with hundreds of unique wedding ideas and top tips for personalising your big day.

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what’s not to love? let tipi unique provide your perfect tipi wedding

We’re straight up, honest, and completely obsessed with making sure your wedding tipi hire is enjoyable and exciting throughout the whole process.

Whats not to love

Drop us an email or give us a tinkle, we’d love to chat about your tipi wedding hopes and dreams. The moment you get in touch with our friendly team is when the tipi magic really begins… dreds of unique wedding ideas and top tips for personalising your big day.

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real life tipi weddings

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