tipi party hire – ain’t no party like a tipi unique party!

Are you the type of person who loves to make a statement, and takes pride in hosting the biggest and boldest of birthdays? Or are you someone who’d prefer a more low-key affair? However you choose to celebrate, and whatever the occasion, we promise to provide a truly original tipi bash!

So, let’s get that imagination of yours firing on all cylinders! We’d be more than happy to share oodles of top tips, and the freshest ideas to make your tipi party hire completely bespoke. If raving until the sun rises sounds like your type of do, use our disco ball, sound systems, and strobe effect lighting to create an electric atmosphere. Send your guests into a social media frenzy by providing them with the most photogenic venue to share with their Instagram, Facebook and twitter followers. You’re sure to set a trend by having the most unique party around! Head over to our blog posts on party equipment hire and event lighting hire to discover the necessary extras for an out of this world tipi disco…

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Wanting a smaller, more intimate gathering? No problem! We don’t just cater for the larger tipi parties, we love using our smaller structures to achieve cosier venues for your family and friends. In the past our tipis have made for beautiful anniversary, christening, and Bar/Bat Mitzvah venues! They offer an unlimited potential for styling and decor, and we encourage clients to personalise the tipis until their heart’s content. It’s the little things that can often make a big difference, and celebrating with those who mean the most is what it’s all about!

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garden parties

Garden parties are a massive hit and a great option for many party hosts! It’s the idea that you can have a pop-up party venue in the comfort of your own home, without an expensive price tag, that really gets people going!

We’ve seen some incredible milestone birthday celebrations, from glitzy 21sts to festival-themed 50ths and many more! We’ve also worked in all kinds of garden spaces, including successfully pitching a 10.3m party tipi in a 10.5m garden – go team TU! There’s a certain magical feeling you get when looking out of your window to see your very own tipi, and knowing that it’s yours to celebrate in for the whole weekend!

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children parties

How about teepee tent for your child’s birthday party? When hiring our Boutique Party Pad, you can’t go wrong in giving your child the ultimate tipi party experience – without breaking the bank!

We know that little ones really love spaces where they can play dress-up, do arts and crafts, have their faces painted, or play imaginary games. With a range of affordable packages to suit, the versatile and stand-out party pads really do offer a playground for fantastic events. Create any type of party atmosphere, from gaming areas to man caves, and make-up stations to pamper parlours. Feel free to let your inner child run wild with the planning and prep for your boutique tipi event!

Download our Boutique Party Pad brochure to learn more!

Remember, your party is only limited by your own imagination… With our expertise and gorgeous Nordic tipis, you’re sure to make a statement with a unique celebration unlike all the rest.

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