Furniture and equipment hire faqs

Whether it’s furniture/event equipment for a wedding, party, festival or any event for that matter, we understand that there’ll be a heap of questions that need answering. With hundreds of hires under our belts, and a lorry-load of events that have gone before, we’re experts in ensuring you’ll always know what to expect from the outset. Sharing the love, and of course a stack of info, is one of the best parts of our job – it means happy customers and events that run without a hitch!

We’ve popped down a few commonly asked questions (and neatly organised them for you to skim through what’s relevant, now and at any point in your planning). It’s not exhaustive and if your thing ain’t listed, then simply pop us over the details and we’ll be sure to provide a speedy, cheery, and tailored response. If it’s a good ‘un, we’ll pop it on the list to help others. Oooh we do love a name in light moment!

What happens if there’s loss/damage?

Sometimes accidents are unavoidable. Let us know at the earliest opportunity, and together we’ll check out what’s happened and determine the best course of action. We’ve allocated a damage waiver to the booking and it’s possible the loss/damage will be covered under this ‘insurance in lieu’ policy. Likewise, if event insurance is held, we’ll discuss any claims against these policies if needed

Do you sell your furniture?

We love it when we meet like-minded folk who’s hearts also race with excitement at the beauty and uniqueness of our pieces! If you’ve just got to own these gems, then we’d share a bespoke cost inc. manufacture of your new items, the materials, plus lead times. We’ll even discuss delivery too if it helps. Then it’s up to you – if you love what’s on offer, we’ll make it happen.

How do we pay?

Our preferred payment method is via BACs. You’ll find our bank details on your quotation (top left). We ask that you use a reference made up of your surname/company name and event date (eg. Jones251220) to help us locate the transaction. If BACs is a struggle, we’re happy to accept payments via cheque or cash.

What happens once I’ve sent my deposit?

Once you’ve made the payment, you will receive a booking pack. This contains useful documents such as the deposit receipt, contract of hire, T&Cs, and damage waiver. All you need to do is check over the info, pop your signature where needed, and send it back to us (post or email is fine).

What’s the deposit and payment process?

When you’re ready, all we ask is that you pay the 25% deposit of total equipment hire cost that is showing your quote at the point of booking, and you have up until 30 days before the event to pay the remaining balance.

Can we pay by debit credit/card?

We always say BACs, cheque or even cash are the best methods. Unfortunately, with recent changes re. transactions fees, we’re not able to process payments via debit card/credit card.

Can I change items on my order?

Yes. This really isn’t a problem. As soon as you think you need to make a change, let us know. If it’s a new product or increased quantities, we’ll check stock and confirm this with the issue of a new invoice. Balance payments are due 4 weeks prior to the event date and so we’ll be working with you to firm up plans prior to this point.

We’ll do our best to accommodate any last-minute requests also. Our 48-hour cut-off point (before event), gives you the flexibility to finalise any changes/updates. Pop these across, we’ll let you know if it’s feasible/available and share revised costings inc. any extra carriage fees. Whizz over the payment at the point of order, and then the goods will be booked onto the your delivery – easy as that!

Can we hire just the items and not pay for install fee?

Our approach is centred on making the hire process as easy and hassle-free for you as possible. As standard, the costs for our items include our expert team safely delivering these you. This includes off-loading and carefully, transporting/installing it in situ – which can require specialist equipment/rigging systems/working at height. As well as this, we’ll ensure it is assembled/installed correctly, and is guaranteed as safe to use throughout. For these reasons, it’s not possible to hire the items only. But ultimately, it does means you’re free to take care of other important event details, without worry or risk to individuals who may have otherwise been tasked with these roles.

How often will you be in touch prior to my event?

We promise to be in contact throughout the early planning stages right up until the day of your event. If you want to meet up to discuss details, then that’s absolutely no trouble at all – if it’s useful, we can even offer free site visits. We’ll also plan run-through meetings, and link in with other companies involved as required. If meeting up is a bit of a struggle, we’re more than happy to have phone consultations, and FaceTime meetings. We will provide constant support to help you feel comfortable and confident that your event equipment and furnishing order offers everything you need.

Do you have any events we can come and meet you and see your furnishing/equipment range?

Yes! Our showcase events are hosted throughout the year – all with varying choice of furnishings/equipment on display. We always say that this is the best way to see the items in person and to help you get a feel for how our gorgeous range of furnishings may look in situ for your event. Members of staff will always be on hand to help with any specific questions/queries you may have, and 1:1 appointments are available to chat in detail about your event.

What is the standard furniture hire period?

For us, we’re passionate about ensuring you have as long as possible with the furnishings in the days prior to your event. That’s why our furnishing hire is 48 hours as standard.

When can I expect my furnishings to be dropped off/collected?

Ensuring you’ve got time to arrange and dress/style your furnishings had of your event couldn’t be more important to us. You can expect your delivery of furnishings to be with you between 7am – 1pm on the agreed install date. Likewise, we’ll return during the same window to collect your lovely pieces post event

Can you help me arrange the furnishings?

Absolutely! Our team love planning events, and supporting you with the details is one of the best parts of the job. Ahead of your event, we’ll have checked specifics such as any required furniture layouts, table plans, specified room locations for key pieces. We’ll even co-ordinate final positioning to allow for additional items (e.g. bands/extra furnishings etc) to be installed once we’ve done our bit.

Can you give me a specific time i’ll expect the furnishings?

We understand that getting an accurate ETA on your delivery is so important. Our delivery windows are between 7am – 1pm, and we’ll always notify you c.45 mins prior of an exact arrival time meaning you can plan to make the most of your precious time ahead of your event

What are your standard delivery/collection hours?

We like to have all furnishing in location in good time ahead of the events, to do this our team are out creating exceptional events from 7am – 5pm weekdays.

Can you deliver furnishings outside of your standard hours/or agreed delivery slots?

Yes absolutely not a problem at all. With hundreds of events under our belts, we know one size definitely does not fit all. Some events may mean early morning set ups the day itself, and others – late night/overnight collections. With advance notice, we assure you we’ll make this happen. Outside of our standard working hours, and in response to any venue restrictions, there’s a £50 surcharge per hour extra (charged in min 1 hour and 30 mins thereafter) and applicable for all occurrences ie install/collection. This will always be clear from the outset and agreed with you in advance.

How long will it take to install the furnishings hired?

The scale of the event and the amount of equipment hired will ultimately determine the total install/collection times. Our planning team will always advise on this when booking. However, we’ve got this down to a fine art and equipment will be usually in situ in just a short space of time. As an example; for c. 100 chairs and 10 tables, we’d recommend an hour is usually sufficient.

Can I extend my hire period?

100% yes. Whether it’s a day or so earlier to help with preparations, or using these again for post event celebrations/multiple events, it’s certainly a possibility. A little bit of prior preparations is needed here – we’ll have to check availability as our lovely unique pieces are hugely popular, and it can mean that they’re usually booked out week-on-week through the summer. A min of 4-weeks notice for an extended hire period will be needed, just so we can forward plan and and build in a revised collection date into our schedules. Extended hire periods are charged at standard 48 hour prior cost plus 50% total equipment cost, 5% damage waiver and VAT for each 24 hour period thereafter. Min periods are 24 hours. Maximum hire periods will be advised upon discussion re. extended hire.

Can I collect the furniture from your warehouse?

Unfortunately you cannot collect direct from our warehouse.

Can you make bespoke items to hire?

Absolutely we can! There’s something really special about helping to create a stand-out piece, or a made-to-measure item, that you’ve just not been able to find anywhere else. Tailor-made is most effective with as much notice and consultation as possible – especially for complex or high volume order. We LOVE it too when we can discuss the design details together so it’s just right from the off. Our cut-off for bespoke elements is 4 weeks prior to your event date. Just a little note, because of the time/costs involved – bespoke orders can’t be changed once manufacture process has commenced.

Is your furniture brand new?

Our furniture is not brand new. We know how important it is that your furnishings look the part. Each piece goes through our strict quality checks before being released to your event. This means that you can be confident that you’ll receive items that are of high quality, fully functional, and as shown on website/brochures. Any alterations or updates to furnishings range will always be shared with you and replacements/upgrades agreed in advance of your event.

If it is new that you’re after, then we can discuss providing options/costings for this is required.

What are the dimensions of a product?

Our talented team has all of this info to hand, and would be happy to advise based on any specific product requirements you may need. If you’re planning a space and want some extra guidance on what will fit or choosing the best options, get in touch and we’ll help you to decide which pieces may be most suited.

Can the furnishings be situated outside?

Yes of course – if it’s glorious day, then we’d wholeheartedly encourage you to enjoy our furnishings outside! Our rustic pieces are well protected and will stand up well to the elements. If the weather turns, we’d just ask that you pop back indoors some of the more vulnerable pieces such as (electricals, soft furnishings etc).

Some companies have peak periods, what’s your approach?

We take a fresh approach, so you needn’t worry about the cost increasing due to the date. We never charge more for summer dates, weekends, bank hols or type of event!

Are your prices excluding or including VAT?

We’re completely upfront and transparent re, what to expect with your costs. The prices shown on our website excluding VAT. There’s also our 5% damage waiver and delivery costs. A bespoke, itemised quote will always be provided following your enquiry, meaning no surprises, no hidden costs – not ever!

Our event location is up stairs/has no lift, can you still deliver the equipment?

Ok first up no worries – the fact that you’ve told us allows us to plan for this. We’ll look for 360 videos/pics of the delivery routes, and we’ll assess the feasibility and confirm this for you. Our team will always go the extra mile to help where we can. If there’s a significant increase to the time it would normally take, this may be subject to a surcharge of £50 per hour extra (charged in min 1 hour, and 30 mins thereafter) and applicable for all occurrences ie install/collection. This will always be clear from the outset and agreed with you in advance.

Can I leave the furnishings outside overnight?

Depending on location, this is usually not a problem. If you’re in a secured site (think private venue, lockable gates, CCTV etc), then this should be fine. If it’s a little more visible or vulnerable, then we’d advise popping the pieces inside a building after the event finishes where possible. If you’d rather the items be collected after the event, that’s fine too! We’ll chat through timings and if it’s out of hours, our £50 surcharge per hour extra (charged in min 1 hour and 30 mins thereafter) would be applicable. This will always be clear from the outset and agreed with you in advance.

Do you need to visit the venue before we can make a furniture hire booking?

Site visits are great – they help with checking access for vehicles, furniture delivery routes, and of course firming up any specific requirements/restrictions and install ideas. In some cases, we’ll already be familiar with the venues, and therefore a site visit won’t be required (unless there’s anything unusual or complex re. the event). Don’t worry, we’re certainly not shy about letting you know if we think this might be a good idea. And, if we’re advising we pop out, there’s no costs and no strings attached either!

What information may you need from me about the venue?

We might have mentioned this, but we LOVE details. So the more the better really! We’ll definitely need venue name/address and key contacts. We’ll also need any specific loading bays/access time slots. Shoot over anything else like room names/floor levels, and our fave… dimensions of spaces is always so helpful. Obviously, this isn’t exhaustive and anything else we think we’ll need we’ll be sure to let you know.

Will I hear from Tipi Unique afterwards?

Yep, well there’s the little matter of collecting your equipment (tissues at the ready – saying goodbye can get quite emosh!). Shortly after we will also get in touch requesting some feedback about your experience of Tipi Unique, and our Uniquely Styled range throughout your event plans and the event itself. We hope you’ll be raving about your event, and that you might be cool with popping over a few kind words to inspire others! Of course there’s no pressure and it’s completely optional, but would mean the world to us if you were able to help spread the word and love.

Will you use my event images/videography after the event?

During the planning, we’ll have checked in re. imagery use and will have hopefully gained your permission to access copies of your professional photography and videography.
Perusing your gorgeous snaps and watching the event highlights relived is simply incredible! With each event being so unique, we LOVE to share inspo and often we’ll feature ideas, best-loved and/or upcoming trends, and pics from your event across our social platforms/blogs on website. We may even be approached to showcase it independent publications, which is super exciting!  Should you prefer a little less attention, drop us a line and we’ll ensure any personal snaps/footage are kept private.


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