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We know that planning any event means being the master of many things  – budget tracker for one, research guru. supplier scheduling superstar, and visionary director aka (Pinterest pro pinner)! Inevitably, there’ll be questions, the “what ifs?” The “how longs?”. Don’t stress, you’re in safe and expert hands with Tipi Unique. Our aim is to equip you with all the know-how to help you have a worry-free and enjoyable lead up to your special occasion. Oh and of course the best tipi event ever!

We’ve popped down a few commonly asked questions (and neatly organised them for you to skim through what’s relevant, now and at any point in your planning). It’s not exhaustive and if your thing ain’t listed, then simply pop us over the details, and we’ll be sure to provide a speedy, cheery, and tailored response.

What happens after I’ve made an enquiry?

When you first get in touch with us, you should expect to receive an initial phone call from one of our friendly team members. This will then promptly followed by an email and draft quotation. We like to give you a quick buzz just to introduce ourselves, and to really get a feel for the type of event you’re planning. The date, location, guest numbers, and budget are all elements we need to understand in the very beginning stages so that we can pop the appropriate information across to you.

I’m just starting out with my event plans - how soon do I have to have every detail finalised?

The best thing about events is how often the grow, shift and evolve. Don’t need to worry if you haven’t got all the details sorted just yet. We’ll encourage you to focus on moulding your perfect event, while we can begin to get to work with even the most basic of plans! Everything with us is flexible and together we’ll help you to tailor your requirements as things change.

How do I go about reserving a date/tipis for my event?

Securing your date couldn’t be easier! After putting your chosen date on reserve, you have a fab period of up to 4 weeks to complete a booking. Our tipis get a whole lotta love, so we do have to release the date/tipis once the 4 weeks is up. If you need a little more time to sort payments or other details then just let us know.

How long in advance would you recommend reserving/booking tipis?

From the first point of contact, our team will advise that securing your tipis is incredibly important – even if it’s a few years ahead. This might sound crazy but trust us, we know how quickly summer dates can fill up, and we want to ensure that your preferred date is guaranteed for your special event. We suggest that you get the structures booked at least 6 months before the event, and then develop the quote with additional furnishings and accessories.

What’s the deposit and payment process?

When you’re ready, all we ask is that you pay the 25% deposit of total equipment hire cost that is showing your quote at the point of booking, and you have up until 30 days before the event to pay the remaining balance.

What happens once I’ve sent my deposit?

Once you’ve made the payment, you will receive a booking pack. This contains useful documents such as the deposit receipt, contract of hire, T&Cs, and damage waiver. All you need to do is check over the info, pop your signature where needed, and send it back to us (post or email is fine).

How do we pay?

Our preferred payment method is via BACs. You’ll find our bank details on your quotation (top left). We ask that you use a reference made up of your surname/company name and event date (eg. Jones251220) to help us locate the transaction. If BACs is a struggle, we’re happy to accept payments via cheque or cash.

Can we pay by debit credit/card?

We always say BACs, cheque or even cash are the best methods. Unfortunately, with recent changes re. transactions fees, we’re not able to process payments via debit card/credit card.

I’m worried that event plans may change after I’ve made my initial booking, is this ok?

Absolutely! In fact we’d encourage you to explore all of the options, as it might lead to extraordinary elements being introduced into your event. As plans evolve over the coming months, we will continue to advise on the right sized space for your event. It may be that as you add more furnishings, you find that a little more room is needed, so we’ll happily chat about the best ways to maximise you space and without breaking the bank! We will also share new quotes and endless images of how we’ve seen the tipis in the past to give you plenty of ideas and inspiration for your own unique celebration. From switching-up daytime and evening layouts, to customising your lighting designs, we will do as much as we can to make your day bespoke.

Can I change items on my order?

Yes. This really isn’t a problem. There’s just a few things to consider.

If you’re removing a tipi or other structure/extensions, 25% per tipi/structure removed is non-refundable and this amount will be shown on an up-to-date invoice.

Likewise, if you wish to postpone the event, 25% per tipi/structure postponed will be added to the cost. Additionally, there may be some changes to hire costs for tipis/equipment and these will all be discussed and presented on a revised invoice. Pricing for changes thereafter will be set at current rates.

If it’s a new tipi/product or increased quantities, we’ll check stock and confirm this with the issue of a new invoice. Balance payments are due 4 weeks prior to the event date and so we’ll be working with you to firm up plans prior to this point.

We’ll also do our best to accommodate any last-minute requests. Our 48-hour cut-off point (before event), gives you the flexibility to finalise any last-minute change/updates. Pop these across, we’ll let you know if it’s feasible/available and share revised costings inc. any extra carriage fees. These changes need to be paid for at the point of order, and then the goods will be booked onto the your delivery – easy as that! If it’s a struggle to get the items to you on the confirmed delivery date, we’ll discuss alternative options and agree which is best for all.


I’ve got a lot of suppliers involved, can you help co-ordinate the event plans?

100% yes! Organising any event usually runs into numerous suppliers and event peeps being part of the plans. So with this, we’re dab hands at making sure we’ve got the up-to-minute list of all of your key contacts i.e. event hosts, on-the-day liaisons, supplier/venue details and the like. If needed, our event profs, will help you to think about a timings plan/running order that we’ll encourage you to share with everyone. We believe that communicating with your awesome supplier team early on and throughout helps with the smooth running of the day, and to manage any requests and requirements they may have.

I’m not sure about the final power needs, can you help?

We know safe, guaranteed, and adequate power provisions can cause concern. You needn’t give it another thought – we’ll be gathering specifics re. your power requirements well in advance. Our expert team will advise on recommend power sources i.e. mains powered, or bringing in the right spec generator. And as part of our comprehensive power management service, we’ll firm up exact power plans, and even set all of your suppliers up inside with the required plug sockets and power capabilities

Booking a generator on your behalf is not a problem. Let us know, we’ll share the price for approval and get you sorted with the perfect sized unit for your event needs. If you’re happy to book independently, let us guide you re. choosing the best model and book early to secure the best rates and availability. We’d recommend no later than two months out from your event date!

When is the ideal time to finalise plans?

Around two months before your event date is where all comprehensive plans are put in place, including a detailed layout and finalised quotation. We’ll focus on all aspects of your event, from loos, generators and anything specific to your occasion. Everything will be triple checked giving you the confidence that you’re good to go.

I may need some extra help on the day, what can you support me with?

Trust us, we know that your event plans need to run smoothly and for your celebration to go without a hitch. For peace of mind, we can be on hand during the day to oversee any tipi-related occurrences eg power checks, layout changes, or to open/close the tipi canopies. Depending on your needs, we’ll advise the right amount of staff (especially important for speed of turn-around or more complex undertakings), and share the costs for this service. As with everything, the costs are always transparent – it’s £40* pp per hour, or £300* pp (for up to max.8 hours of your choosing). We will never push this as an essential, and know that coming for just a few hours at a selected time (think your big reveal, the evening switch up etc.) often works best.

Are members of the Tipi Unique team there on the day?

On the day itself, unless prior agreed, we won’t be with you in the tipis. This leaves you to enjoy them as your own from start to finish, and to thoroughly make the most out of your celebrations.

Do you offer emergency/out-of-hour support?

Absolutely! If anything urgent should happen, we’ll have given our details to you or your emergency point of contact during the planning and hand over. Do give us a tinkle, we’re on 24/7 alert during your event. Should we need to nip back, it’ll be your point of contact (whose details we’ll have gathered earlier) that we seek out so you can continue to enjoy the good times and memories you are making.

How often will you be in touch prior to my event?

We promise to be in contact throughout the early planning stages right up until the day of your event. If you want to meet up to discuss details, then that’s absolutely no trouble at all – we will travel to you and give site visits free of charge! We’ll also plan run-through meetings and link in with other companies involved as required. If meeting up is a bit of a struggle, we’re more than happy to have phone consultations, and FaceTime meetings. We will provide constant support to help you feel comfortable and ready to move towards the next steps.

Do you have any events we can come and meet you and see the tipis?

Yes! Our showcase events are hosted throughout the year – all with varying structures and themes. We always say that this is the best way to see the spaces, and to gain a feel for how our gorgeous range of furnishings look in situ. Members of staff will always be on hand to help with any specific questions/queries you may have and 1:1 appointments are available to chat in detail about your event.

I’m struggling to find a suitable/fave venue, can you help?

No problem. As mentioned before we will provide as much support with this as you need, and wouldn’t ever dream of letting you do it alone. We’ll share with you top insights, and plentiful reasons to feel excited and inspired by our ever-growing collection of amazing and unique choices. Tell us the venue must-haves and what’s likely to set your heart racing, and we’ll hand-select the finest matches. Ta-da – butterflies aplenty!

Can you share any recommendations for other event services like catering, bar etc?

Hell yeah -we sure can! When we’re asked to help complete your line-up, it’s yelps of excitement all round. Flying the flag for fresh, fantastic and totally freakin’ ace event folk has to be one of biggest honours of all.
Over the years, we’ve partnered with the BEST in the business profs from tipi venues, florists, foodies, stylists, impressive bar options, inspiring artists/entertainment and stacks more to boot.
Shoot us over an email or give us tinkle and we promise, whatever/who ever your ideal supplier may be – we’ll get you connected!

When will you set up and take the tipis up down? And what’s needed from me?

We always create a logistics plan at the start of a new year, so the day of your set up will be confirmed a few months before the event.We typically prefer to set up on a Wednesday/Thursday/Friday, and take down on the following Monday/Tuesday – giving you a long weekend to really make the most of the tipis. However, we are sometimes bound by strict requirements set in place by venues. In good time, we’ll together decide on dates that are feasible for all parties. On the day of set up, we aim to be with you early (to get the most from the day ahead), and one of our dedicated crew members will always give you a call letting you know when they are about an hour away from your location. All we need then is for you or someone with exact knowledge of the tipis’ location to be present to welcome them upon arrival.

How long does the set up take?

Your total number of tipis, quantity of lovely furnishings, and any unique event requirements (eg overnight builds, specific venue access times), can vary the total length of time taken to complete the set up. As a guide, it’s typically around three hours per giant tipi/kung tipi and approx. an hour or so for free-free-standing structures such as 6m pagoda and Ohana etc. Our knowledgable event planners will have checked this out beforehand, and will have given you an estimate on how long the overall build will take. For larger builds, it’s usually one full day and then your outdoor venue will then be ready to dress the following day!
For anything outside of this, we’ll have discussed this early on and helped you to plan your movements around our the finer details and phased delivery of the tipis/furnishings for your event.

How long does it take to dismantle the tipis?

Similarly with set ups, it’s dependent on the scale of the tipis and furnishings to clear. It’s quicker than the set up, but to ensure we’ve given ourselves (and you) time to remove any personal belongings, pack the furniture away, take down the tipis (sad we know), it’s usually the same sort of timeframe. If we’re bout by set timeframes or requirements, again we’ll have discussed this with you prior and agreed how this will be managed.

Will I be shown how to look after the tipis during my event?

Once the tipis are complete, one of our expert team will take you through the handover process. This is a quick and easy safety briefing covering how to take care of the fire pit, smoke flaps, lights, PA system, and other elements of the tipis.

I’m hosting multiple events over the weekend, what practical things should I consider?

Excellent stuff – it’s great that you’re planning to make the most of the tipis! Just keep in mind that if you are planning on having pre/post celebrations you will need to be careful using some utilities (fuel, fire logs, toilet sundries), as we will have only provided you for sufficient use on the day itself. As soon as you know your weekend pre- and post-celebration plans, let us know and we’ll happily discuss if you’d may benefit from any extra supplies.

When hosting an outdoor event, what other considerations for an outdoor event are important?

Once you’ve discovered the perfect venue, we’ll help you to start thinking about practicalities! Things like generators, catering provisions, toilet facilities and exterior lighting options can be provided by ourselves – meaning it’s completely hassle-free for you. Another element to consider is your guests’ experience upon entry and to any key/outdoor areas like loos. Do they have a clear, clean and safe walkway? Is it brightly lit? Do certain areas of grass need to be mown? These are all questions we can discuss together and firm up closer to the event date.

I’m worried about the weather being unpredictable, what are my options?

Let’s face it, our British weather can sometimes take a turn for the worst. However, we’re all about embracing the elements and encouraging you to dance in the rain! Rooted in Sami culture, and built for the toughest wintery conditions, we’re mighty proud that our sturdy tipis can provide warmth and shelter in winds up to 70mph. So yep they’re extremely resilient! Not to mention, we have stacks of experience, and top-notch weather-proofing kits to offer plentiful options that will keep you dry, cosy and warm throughout. It’s our promise that these awesome hacks for warning off the worst of our weather aren’t just practical, they’re utterly gorgeous too! So how’s that for reassurance – tons of great weather-proofing solutions, the choice to add these add as the forecast firms up, and a heap of expertise from the outset if your event is set for cooler months.

Will I hear from Tipi Unique afterwards?

Yep, well there’s the little matter of collecting your tipis – tissues at the ready, saying goodbye can get quite emosh! Shortly after we will also get in touch requesting some feedback about your experience of Tipi Unique throughout your event plans and the big day itself. We hope you’ll be raving about your event and that you might be cool with popping over a few kind words to inspire others thinking of planning a tipi event. Of course there’s no pressure and it’s completely optional, but would mean the world to us if you were able to help spread the word and tipi love.

Some companies have peak periods, what’s your approach?

We take a fresh approach, so you needn’t worry about the cost increasing due to the date. We never charge more for summer dates, weekends, bank hols or type of event!

Will you use my event images/videography after the event?

During the planning, we’ll have checked in re. imagery use and will have gained your permission to access copies of your professional photography and videography.
Perusing your gorgeous snaps and watching the event highlights relived is simply incredible! With each event so unique, we LOVE to share inspo and often we’ll feature ideas, best-loved and/or upcoming trends and pics from your event across our social platforms/blogs on website. We may even be approached to showcase it independent publications, which is super exciting! Should you prefer a little less attention, drop us a line and we’ll ensure any personal snaps/footage are kept private.


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