Blakemere’s gin & prosecco festival – it’s back (7&8 June 2019)


Blakemere’s gin & prosecco festival – it’s back (7&8 June 2019)

Exciting news for all gin and fizz enthusiasts out there…We’re so excited to announce that Tipi Unique has paired up with Blakemere for the third year running to host this summer’s most highly anticipated gin and prosecco festival on 7& 8 June 2019 at Blakemere Village.

3 years on and Cheshire’s original gin and fizz fest is set to be the most tantastalising yet. Gin and fizz fans can expect to sample artisan drinks made locally as well as broadening their experiences with specialities from around the world. If that wasn’t enough there’ll be perfectly matched food delights that complement the flavour notes of the drinks on offer. Not to mention, festival-goers will be entertained throughout with a playlist that will keep the atmosphere flowing (and hopefully the drinks and summer vibes too).

Below, we’ve served up a wonderful dashing of good spirits and great times had by all from our inaugural gin and processo foray back in 2017.

We had such a fab time sponsoring the gin & prosecco festival last weekend! The weather was great, drinks were flowing and guests were relaxing (whilst getting a little bit tipsy)! Blakemere’s event was so popular that it practically sold out days after it was advertised – us Cheshire folk really love a good gin… or four!

Sponsored by Yours Truly x

An aerial shot of the fab festival set up

To make the most out of our tipi structures, we decided to link two giants together and have all the side panels rolled up. This allowed us to maximise our seated capacity, meaning we actually had over 200 seated guests enjoying delicious treats inside our tipis. It gives a completely different feel and atmosphere to that created at a wedding or event where the structures are allocated to different functions or zones. Choosing to open all of the panels gives the best opportunity to fit in extra furnishings, and the generous space really lets family and friends make the most of the tipis. This also means it is perfect if you aspire to use them purely for a sit-down meal, as this is a great way to accommodate all guests comfortably into one area.

Our 6m catering tents were transformed into the ultimate bar area, where guests could get their hands on every type of gin imaginable, and unlimited amounts of prosecco. We used our expertise to link the two catering tents together, which allowed us to double the amount of workable room for the bar staff and furnishings (6m x 12m). You are only limited by what you can imagine when using this unique space! This is also a feature that is more than possible to create for any type of event, and made easy to construct by our handy linking kits and dedicated team.

Two 6m pagodas linked together to gain the ultimate bar area

This event also allowed us to showcase our brand new canopy structure for the first time. We can’t tell you how much we love this unique space! It is the perfect place to have a working bar, a chill-out zone, an area for shelter/shade, or a quirky space for entertainment. At the festival we chose to allocate the canopy as the band area, and it went down a treat! The band were overwhelmed at how easily their equipment fit inside, and how much room was still available for them to perform. Similarly, guests were amazed at how much space is provided under the canopy, it gives 7.5m of room and therefore it has bundles of potential for many uses at any event.

Showcasing our quirky canopy structure

Chin Chin… Or should we say Gin Gin!

The day was split into two sessions (12-4 and 5:30 – 9:30), and we were more than happy to offer on-the-day support to oversee technicalities and to help the flow and ease of the event. We helped to reset and refresh the tipis before the second set of festival goers arrived at 5:30, and kept a close eye on any weather updates incase we needed to modify the structures. Our team even assisted in rolling the dough for the pizzas! At Tipi Unique our ethos is standard at any event – we are more than prepared and willing to do anything to make the event run seamlessly.

Prosecco princesses and gin worshipers

Smiles all round – the giant tipis proved a popular area for guests to sit and chat. Aaah soo nice to relive this amazing summer event 🙂

We think this has to be one of the summer’s highlights and, if like us, you cannot cannot wait to rouse like-minded friends and soak up the sun (fingers crossed), then we’d recommending napping your tickets now:

Hopefully this blog post has given you an insight into how our tipis can be used for a whole host of occasions, from weddings and parties, to launch events and corporate dos! We are proud to say that our innovative thinking and creative layouts really do allow for anything to be incorporated into your special event. If you’d like more guidance and advice on how to get the most out of your space, or if you want to discuss sponsorship packages then we urge you to get in touch!

Our very best wishes.

Tipi Unique x