Winter tipi events: just as magical as summer events!

Planning an outdoor event can be challenging, but not with us! “What if it rains? What if my guests are cold? How to we keep up the party spirit?”…Don’t stress, ditch those worries – with us on your side, things have just got a whole lot simpler! We embrace the dark winter nights with open arms, as our sturdy tipis provide the best shelter, and once the celebration gets going you’ll 100% forget about the weather! Teepee parties in the colder months allow the beautiful internal lighting to glow brighter, and our heaters/fire pits to burn proudly to achieve a super cosy atmosphere.

We’ll shower you with advice about year-round plans for managing unpredictable weather and ground conditions, and with our trusty weather proofing techniques your winter tipi event will be warm, dry, and absolutely full to the brim with feel-good vibes!

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Weather-proofing against unpredictable conditions

Let’s face it, our British weather can sometimes take a turn for the worst… However, our sturdy tipis can provide warmth and shelter in winds up to 70mph, so are extremely resilient! Don’t forget our tipis originate from Sweden, and before we started dancing around in them, they were traditionally used by the Sami people to herd reindeer. We actually really love the sound of rain hitting the canvas, it’s super relaxing, and makes you feel extra cosy and warm inside our tipis!

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“But what if it’s really cold, wet and windy?” Don’t worry we’ve got it covered… 

With plenty of experience and knowledge, we are more than expertly equipped to create a tipi wedding in winter conditions. We can provide innovative wall flex systems and extensions (wooden, canvas, PVC), which are a fab way of allowing more room for guests, bars and seating, but also provide inviting and robust entrances/areas. All help to keep the warmth inside the tipis, and by opting for the PVC extension it allows you to bring the outside in – so you can enjoy the natural surrounds without being exposed to Jack Frost and all the elements.

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Winter warmers

To make our tipis the ultimate venue for a cosy winter wedding be sure to make use of our heaters and fires. Our gorgeous rustic fire pits (available in different sizes) make the best focal point, imagine friends and family with huge smiles on their faces as they toast marshmallows in the dancing flames. We also have outdoor fire bowls, which even on a mild day make for great areas for guests to gather in the evening.

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Inspo & ideas

As you’ve probably guessed, we’re huge fans of an amazing party – especially a Christmas party! Our tipis are perfect for any kind of celebration, and one of our faves to date was the Karl Tatler Estates & Lettings Xmas do. We proudly achieved an exciting atmosphere for all to enjoy, and loved how they used our tipis to complement the Cowboys & Indians theme!

Still stuck for inspiration? Discover our 10 top themes for winter events below…

We’re super passionate about providing clients with oodles of new ideas and ways to bring the magic to their tipi celebrations.

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