Enjoying good food

FitzGerald’s American-Indian Tipi Party

Here’s what the clients had to say after hiring our tipis for her birthday bash…


Tipis hired:

1 x giant tipi (10.3m) 1 x Kung tipi (8.25m)

Tipi Unique recommended set-up: connected together in a line to create an open and flowing party area.


To create that perfectly-styled Indian tipi party, here’s what accessories were chosen to complement the party:

  • Rustic wooden table and matching bench combo
  • Reindeer skins and Bohemian rugs for floor decoration
  • Chill-out furniture including Moroccan pouffes
  • Indian floor cushions and 2 low accompanying coffee tables
  • Lime wash and oak bars
  • 1 large blue Indian headress (for the birthday star)
  • Staging 5m x 2.5m
  • Parquet dance floor (15ft x 15ft)


Customer’s own lawn


View our Tipi Events page for more information