Cutest dog alert! You just have to see him

Cutest dog alert! You just have to see him

Hey folks,

Oh my goodness, I’ve been so desperate to write this blog about our recent interview as finalists for North West Business Start-Up of the Year 2016 for two reasons. Firstly to tell y’all ’bout the fantastic process, the gruelling interview and of course when we find out if we’ve done it – if we’ve won the coveted award. Secondly, (and unashamedly to introduce our new mascot – he’s so darn cute we just had to pop his little puppy face up on this blog for you all to swoon over).

Rewind back to Monday 18th April, exactly 1 week ago today… What were you doing? We were so pleased and excited to be attending our finalist’s interview for E3’s North West Business Awards. We’d made the final seven (out of a very long and credible list, over 300 we believe!!). The selection panel had chosen Tipi Unique to compete for the prestigious New Business Start-Up Award. How did we feel upon announcement? A whole mix bag of emotions. But largely we were gobsmacked, deliriously happy and overwhelmingly proud.

Tipi Unique – Finalist North West Business Award marshmallows

Tipi Unique – Finalist North West Business Award marshmallows

Quick as flash, the interview (or what I have lovingly badged it – Judges’ houses) was upon us. Ok so the nitty gritty – here’s what we had to do. We had a 15-miniute interview with business honchos and leading experts from across the North West – four in total. Each with a different business background. And with that, focus and analysis on various areas of our business. We started of course by sweetening the judges with a little marshmallow treat. Check out these beauties – 9 scrummy Boomf marshmallows adorned with some of our fave tipis pics all neatly packed into a sweet little box with a personalised message of thanks. Well if you can’t bring the fire-pit to them and our giant tipis, the least we could do was try to emulate a little of the experience of celebrating inside the tipis… Needless to say, they went down a storm!

Tipi Unique – Finalist North West Business Award marshmallowsA few warm introductions and we were off. The quickest 15 minutes of my life so far… for sure. Tell us about your business. What’s your marketing and advertising strategy? How do you plan to grow your business? What sets you apart? What’s the reason for choosing fixed prices all year round? And so on… However, this cool lady was calm and uber prepared. Every decision we make is about enhancing our customers’ experience when planning their events. This informs everything from pricing decisions, to where we choose to advertise and how many open days we plan to do in 2016 so you lovely peeps get to see our tipis looking bloomin’ marvellous as often as you like. Lastly, (but a biggie), we shared our passionate for supporting worthwhile causes. This year so far we’ve already supported Teenage Cancer Trust and preparations are in full swing for a charity fundraising extravaganza to be held in June in aid of a fantastic and inspirational local Cheshire hospice.

Question time done. We were whisked out to have a short promo video filmed. Lights camera and action! Rolling… The thought of this being played out to 600+ guests in June made me somewhat nervy. Here’s to all the presenting greats who make TV and films look super easy – great work y’all. The best bit though was describing what winning the award would mean. To be recognised in the North West for best New Business Start-Up would just be incredible. We’ve worked hard to create a brilliant and positive experience for all of our customers and for us, every single detail of every single event is important. That’s why we do it. That’s what it’s really all about. Plus, occasionally, we get to go to some pretty neat events (festivals, comedy nights, pop-up restaurants and even an invite or two to customers’ weddings). Couldn’t ask for more than that. That’s the reason to keep pushing forward and always striving to improve and make a difference. Anyhow, if the lovely production crew can make this come across as strongly as I believe it – we’ll always be #winningandproud.

Last but tbh my fave part of the whole day, our team photoshoot. The crew, led by my lovely hubby Mat, joined me after the interview for some hilarious staged photographs. Paul from Humble Pie Creative did a stella job of directing our lot. Smile, winning face, winning cheer, more angle, less angle, more teeth and the like. Without a doubt, the best pics of the day have to be those that feature of our gorgeous new puppy Kaiser during our dream big, believe hard winners’ faces poses. Ok, the boys aren’t too bad either. Left to right we’ve got Joey (our apprentice who’s learning the ropes, literally) Dave – he brings the power, Dan – famed for his head for heights and hauling the canvases in true Strong Man style (Kaiser – that little ball of cuteness), moi and the brains and the brawn out on site, my lovely hubster Mat. Check out me and the hubby celebrating the win, as well as our own take on the winner’s pose. Which is your fave pic and victory stance? We’d love to know….

Step it back a notch, back to the adorable fluffy little pup. Kaiser, born on 12th Feb 2016, now 10 weeks old is our newest crew member. He’s in training now: puppy toilet training and like Joey, he’s joined the ranks of the tipi apprentice programme. We promise, we’ll bring him with us on as many jobs as we can – the nation will get to meet the cutest pooch in town. Watch how our Insta and Pinterest grows over the coming months as Kaiser gains confidence in his new mascot role.

So voting was cast just shortly afterwards. Decisions are top secret. Winners will be revealed on the 3rd June. Send positive, winners’ thoughts to us. If winning was awarded based on the most fetchin’ crew – I reckon we’d win it hands down. Closing thoughts for today’s blog, we’re truly humbled to have reached this far and what a brilliant way to introduce our new pup to the world.

Thank you 1 events Media, E3 Awards 2016. You’ve certainly given our confidence and belief in our fab-tastic business a boost.

Bye for now. xx