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Find your perfect tipi wedding venue in Cheshire

Do we hear the wedding bells in the air?

“If you like it then shoulda put ring on it….oh oh oh (nice, a little Beyonce to get us going). Well hello there, if you’ve found yourself here I’m guessing that fairly recently you’ve actually got the ring (or at least agreed there’s to be a wedding on the cards). The biggest congrats, from us! Better still, you’re looking at getting hitched in Cheshire – well who could blame you it’s blooming gorge (even if I am a tad bias as we live here).

Ok so you’ve waded through your first throng of wedding mags, articles, blogs/vlogs and more and you’ve realised that pretty much all of them recommend starting with a biggie. Yep, that’s right, sharpen those pencils, dig out your finest wedding notebook – it’s time to hit the streets in search of your perfect wedding venue in Cheshire.

We’re the friendly folk with a passion for helping out find your dream wedding venue

Wait, stop, look no further, we’ve got a jam-packed little black book (or rather, a ginormous directory) of the finest Cheshire wedding venues there are and we’re bursting to share this with you. Each offers something distinctly different, but shares the same commitment to making sure that your special day is memorable and unique, and best of all they all come up trumps for a tipi wedding too. Well it has to if it is to have our seal of approval.

Want something totally out-of-this-world?

Pairing our tipis with a charming Cheshire venue is simply put, the perfect wedding combination for a dazzling day with a difference. With our homely and cosy open fireplaces, sumptuous rich, warm textures and our incredible fairy-lit ambient spaces you’ll be guaranteed a magical, and enchanting day that you will never forget.

Read more about creating a totally unique tipi wedding experience and how we pull out all the stops to make your day sparkle.

Warming and inviting open tipi fire - perfect for toasting marshmallows on

Tipi Unique appealed initially as you're local and independent...

As I have done with any research around the wedding, I looked online, at social pages and emailed those that seemed to fit our requirements. Tipi Unique appealed initially as you're local and independent and I liked the idea of supporting local traders etc but, I also felt I would get a better service compared with larger companies that just see you as 'another booking' and that is an important factor for me.

The first email you sent to me in response to my enquiry was friendly, personal and you actually made me feel excited about the wedding. Up to that point I was overwhelmed with decisions and worried that I was making the wrong choices. Other responses I had from companies offering a similar service were often generic which seems a bit cold when you're making some really big (and expensive) decisions. And every contact since then has been the same which, highlights to me that you care about your customers and you'll go the extra mile.

Michelle Walkden Wedding set for 9-06-2018
Warming and inviting open tipi fire - perfect for toasting marshmallows on

Tipi Unique grandeur at manor house

Let’s hop, skip and a jump straight into the juicy stuff – what really gets your pulse racing?

Whether you’ve dug deep and listed out all of the things that you and you other half feel would make your day extra-awesome, or whether you’re more of a gut-feel kinda couple – one thing’s for sure with so many places to get married in Cheshire – finding a venue that makes your heart race with excitement is probably the most important step. Great news, with a bunch of ideas, and our handy tips you’ll be well on your way.

Think of us as your very own 80s superstar matchmaker Cilla Black, ”Surprise, surprise it’s Cilla here,” now we won’t be matching you up with a date (hopefully you’ve got that sorted if you’re getting wed), but share your wish-list of what makes your wedding venues in Cheshire stand out (be it the opulence and grandeur of a country manor house or indeed a festival-inspired wedfest) and we’ll pair you up with a selection of scintillating venues that could be ‘the one’.

Tell me, is it your desire is to unearth unique wedding venues in Cheshire?

Have you always dreamt of cruising up the aisle on a segway? Is all you dream of to have your rings delivered by captivating and truly elegant birds of prey. Maybe it’s wedding packages in Cheshire that can offer fun-for-all with carefully curated, theme-inspired activities that have that added appeal for your celebration? Needless to say, if you like these kind of weddings, there’s likely to be plenty of fabulous experiences on offer for you and your guests. Let our tipis take centre stage, offer your friends and family a warming, welcoming place to gather and celebrate in style and enjoy and embrace every detail of your eclectic, totally-you wedding.

Warming and inviting open tipi fire - perfect for toasting marshmallows on

Segway bride and groom

Warming and inviting open tipi fire - perfect for toasting marshmallows on

Tipi Unique luxurious honeymoon suite

Do you want to tie the knot and have bespoke day but without the price tag?

Well you can count on us to share some of the region’s best budget wedding venues Cheshire. From as a little as a few hundred pounds we know some of the counties best-kept secrets that offer bags of value. These little gems don’t compromise on service either. Yes that’s right, you really can have a venue that’s exclusively yours and often for up to 3 days too. Cheers to these wonders, with all the basic amenities on site plus much more and at a not-to-be-sniffed at purse-friendly price, it means you can totally rock your own wedding with a breath-taking tipi, transformed through inspired crafting and personal DIY styling. All this and more, and knowing you’ve bagged a bargain has gotta make your wedding feel extra special.

Maybe, accommodation tops the list for your wedding wish-list?

We’ve got stacks of brilliant venues that offer on-site luxury hotel/B&B rooms. We know the hippest glamping spots (perfect for our luxurious tipi bridal boutique suites some might even say). We’ve even covered all bases with fab venues that can allow aunts and uncles or those cool cousins to rock up in their motorhomes and camper vans.


It was a no brainer as soon as we met you Karen!

We chose Tipi Unique because of how helpful you have been to both me and Kev in the lead up to our booking. You've done everything with our best interest at heart, such as the low deposit, and pencilling us in until we were ready to book. You are extremely competitive on price as well, and we found we were getting the best for our money with you. It was a no brainer as soon as we met you Karen! Tipi Unique is perfect for us!

Rebecca O’Brien Wedding set for 29-9-2018

Searching for something a little different, that je ne sais quoi?

If unusual wedding venues Cheshire is your thing, we can entice you with a host of idyllic and picturesque locations set amidst Cheshire’s finest countryside. Oozing colour and vibrancy along with the sweetest scent, our local lavender fields offer a simply sensational stage for your big day.

How about unusual, unique and serene all packaged up into one tantalising venue?

Then give one of our woodland retreats or secluded garden hideaways brimming with photographic opportunities a try where you can get back-to-nature for a truly unforgettable outdoor wedding experience.

Warming and inviting open tipi fire - perfect for toasting marshmallows on

Tipi Unique exquisite ambient lighting and floral displays

Warming and inviting open tipi fire - perfect for toasting marshmallows on

Tipi woodland wedding

Warming and inviting open tipi fire - perfect for toasting marshmallows on

Tipi Unique at Belbroughton music festival


I couldn't fault you at all keep up the great work.

It has been an absolute pleasure speaking to you. With regards to your customer service, it's fantastic I couldn't fault you at all - keep up the great work.

Kevin Rivers Wedding set for 10-06-2017

Love all things hessian, lace and natural? Could a rustic DIY-styled barn be your thing?

Perhaps you’re yearning for got-it-all rustic barn wedding venues Cheshire that offer effortlessly-beautiful and romantic licensed wedding spaces that switch up into spectacular dinner and dancing spaces. Go crazy wild with happiness as you and your guests marvel at the transformation from day to night. Enjoy celebrating your wedding in surroundings oozing with natural decór, oak-framed structures draped with delicate pastel floral arrangements and of course the obligatory freshly-harvested straw bale furnishings and seating areas.

Be it a bijou back-yard barn or vast space, add a chilled, laid-back and uber-cool dimension to your day and complement your day with our sensational tipis. They’re a knock-out wonderfully alternative wedding space and best of all can host as many guests as your heart desires. Go on, stick those folk back on the guest list – there’s room after all.

It’s your day, be free and bold, do it your way.

Lastly and by no means least, do you go weak at the knees with wedding reception venues Cheshire that can offer a totally tailor-made experience where flexibility, originality, choice and a willingness to make your all dreams come true is the only thing that matters? Trust us, they do exist and we’re passionate about finding them. We’ve done the hard work for you and we’ve handpicked a few that break the ‘off-the-shelf’ mould. Check out how we do things differently here too with our handy ‘why hire a tipi guide‘, but more importantly, whey hire it from Tipi Unique.

If we’re not making our customers happy by creating the wedding of their dreams – we’re not happy! Don’t just take our word for it, check out the reviews for yourself. It’s your day and it should only be your way!

I hope that list of yours is a bit clearer now about what’s important.

Intrigued? Do all of the venues sound good? Well, we hope so. It would be our pleasure to help find your perfect wedding venue in Cheshire and better still if you like to know more about having your very own awe-inspiring, sure-to-impress, ultimate wow-factor tipi wedding – pop us over an enquiry or give us a call.

We’re mad as hatters about supporting you to create your dream wedding (and any event too for that matter).

Get in touch, we simply can’t wait to hear from you x

Warming and inviting open tipi fire - perfect for toasting marshmallows on

Tipi Unique rustic table plan step ladders

Warming and inviting open tipi fire - perfect for toasting marshmallows on