Looking for luxury marquee hire? try a giant tipi setup

Get ready to be inspired, you’ve just found the perfect alternative to marquee hire

When it comes to tents and marquees, we’re proud to say our tipis are causin’ a stir with their super-chic flair…

Ok so we’re off to a good start, we’re rhymin’ and there’s an interested that’s been piqued – yep that’s yours (hopefully!). You might be wondering how the flip did I end up looking at these darn beautiful, majestic and stand-out tipis. Well that’s because you have an amazing and refined palette when it comes to the wish list you have for your special event.

Get ready for an arm workout. Hands up if you’re looking for the ability to host your celebration literally in any location you choose? (Ok hands down). Up again, if you’ve been searching for a blank canvas (quite literally) to add your own sass, style and personalisation? (And down we go). Raise ’em up if you’re looking for a flexible option that can accommodate varying numbers of guests?

Ok let’s make this easy, to wrap up (or we could end up with some serious muscle strain) how about an option that puts you in complete control? And for the icing on the cake, how about the ability to prolong the party with venue space for typically 3 full days?

Now come on, there aren’t that many other options which can offer this amazing experience, right. How’s that arm doing? I did warn you!

Be inspired, let us share why giant tipi hire is an extra-awesome alternative marquee hire option

Make sure you’re comfy, settle in, let’s look at all of the amazing reasons why tipi marquee hire makes perfect sense. Here we go…

Tipi woodland event

Tipi Unique appealed initially as you're local and independent...

As I have done with any research around the wedding, I looked online, at social pages and emailed those that seemed to fit our requirements. Tipi Unique appealed initially as you're local and independent and I liked the idea of supporting local traders etc but, I also felt I would get a better service compared with larger companies that just see you as 'another booking' and that is an important factor for me.

The first email you sent to me in response to my enquiry was friendly, personal and you actually made me feel excited about the wedding. Up to that point I was overwhelmed with decisions and worried that I was making the wrong choices. Other responses I had from companies offering a similar service were often generic which seems a bit cold when you're making some really big (and expensive) decisions. And every contact since then has been the same which, highlights to me that you care about your customers and you'll go the extra mile.

Michelle Walkden Wedding set for 9-06-2018
Glastonbury inspired tipi wedding
Lakeside tipi wedding, Ullswater
Home-grown natural floral accents for a tipi wedding

You want to host your get-together in a location that’s different, not-your-average type of venue

Wedding, party, festival, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, corporate, charity night – no matter the event, one key factor which may well have caused you endless concern is finding that perfect venue that is spot on for your event. It has to have your checklist brimming with ticks in all the right places. Other arm this time. We bet that you’ve found venues which are too far, too close, don’t offer exclusivity, poor transport links, are too urban, too corporate, too formal, the decór isn’t to your taste, there’s little or no on-site parking or perhaps no overnight accommodation. Right?

With tipi marquee hire, there’ll be ticks a plenty upon said checklist. All you need is a bit of space, and that’s it. Our quick-fire assessment couldn’t be easier too. Just two simple phrases are all you need to keep in mind…Is it flat? Does it have good vehicle access? Now here’s the exciting bit, if you can say ‘yes to flat’ and ‘yes to good access’ just take a moment to rejoice in the possibilities that opens up? Feel the excitement as you realise location choices are endless, and, ultimately, the scope for an outdoor teepee marquee is limitless. The most difficult task now, surely, has to be getting anything else done other than arranging site viewings of some of the most spectacular spaces/places our country has to offer. To get your mind racing, here’s a Post-it note size summary of the types of locations your tipi marquee can be pitched…privately-owned land (yours or a dear family friends – if you ask very nicely), farmers’ fields, sports grounds, pub lawns, campsites or even a beach front. Made even more mega, most of these you can allocate parcels of space for dedicated transport/car parking.

Not immediately obviously where you can pitch up, then fear not, try one of the many field marquee hire sites. These have grown in popularity over recent years and the best have something extra to offer, such as spectacular coastal/country views or great on-site amenities and facilities. You could make your celebration extraordinary by selecting a location which holds special and fond memories. Failing that, there’s umpteen established event venues with jaw-droppingly stunning grounds/estate space that will offer the ideal backdrop for your tipi marquee bash. Which ever you choose, it’ll be exactly where you want it, exclusively yours and needless to say, will certainly set the scene for an unforgettable gathering.


I felt that you took the time to listen to what we wanted...

The reason we chose Tipi Unique was initially the well informed web page, along with the good number of lovely photos. I like that the different plans are on the website as it shows how versatile the tipis are. From then on, you contacted me quickly after my initial enquiry and have always been in contact, which gives me confidence that you will be ‘hands on’ nearer the date.

After our first meeting, I felt that you took the time to listen to what we wanted and what our ideas were, and you also came up with lovely ideas too. Your enthusiasm is contagious! I can now look forward to the event knowing that we can all work together to make sure it's a success.

Amanda Nowell 21st birthday party

Bursting with your own ideas, inspirations – tipis are the blank canvas you’ve dreamed of to let your creativity run wild

Who hasn’t become slightly (and when I say slightly, I mean totally) obsessed with the hottest thing to do… Pinning, yep that’s right. Pinterest has it’s very own verb… who’d have thought ideas researching could be so much fun (and of course a little addictive). If it’s not Pinning, I’m sure each of you has gathered cuttings, clippings, saved pics and created your very own event mood board (or mood boards for every aspect – I know I did when we tied the knot). What’s the overall event vibe you’re after? Are we talking laid back festival-chic? Bright and boho-beautiful? Classic-contemporary? Old-world glamour? Whimsy-romance? Perhaps it’s all things organic and earthy and/or DIY that best reflects your loves and passions? One thing’s for sure, the natural colour of the tipis provide a sublime backdrop for a myriad of gorge and unique themes and decór ideas.

We’ve had the privilege to be part of so many wonderful events, so it’s easy to share some of our fave trends and inspiration.

Fun, relaxed and informal sound like your kinda’ thing? Our tipis lay host to a wonderful wedding which brilliantly integrated the outdoors and indoors (thankfully, Emma and Rich were blessed with splendid weather, especially considering it was September). With get-everyone-involved games, tasty treats and glowing coloured hues from our lighting designs accentuating every detail, this truly was a memorable affair.

For that luxury marquee hire feel, check out Ben and Faye’s wedding recently in 3 of our giant tipis – it’s bloomin’ marvellous with their lovingly home-grown floral hoop and hanging baskets. Adorned in fairy lights, it offered a rich contrast and understated elegance for a perfect floral romantic celebration.

Sumptuous reindeer skins draped over rustic benches adding warmth and interest
Fun and outdoor games set against a stunning tipi backdrop
Breath-taking tipi fairy lights complemented with natural hanging arrangements

It was a no brainer as soon as we met you Karen!

We chose Tipi Unique because of how helpful you have been to both me and Kev in the lead up to our booking. You've done everything with our best interest at heart, such as the low deposit, and pencilling us in until we were ready to book. You are extremely competitive on price as well, and we found we were getting the best for our money with you. It was a no brainer as soon as we met you Karen! Tipi Unique is perfect for us!

Rebecca O’Brien Wedding set for 29-9-2018
Stunning tipi entrance focal display

Unique marquee hire alternative – tipis give you the chance to hang your personality proudly on display

Unlike traditional marquees tent hire with their regular form and covered poles and structures, tipis are anything but regular. They definitely ooze, grandeur and drama. With their staggeringly beautiful bare-wood tipi poles, interlinked walkways, interesting alcoves and quirky internal floor plans – there’s an array of utterly impressive places for you to dress and style for that wow-factor first impression from your guests. Stand-out finishing touches have included succulent moss-laden rustic displays, to reclaimed oak barrel and milk urn floral ceremony centrepieces adding scale, colour, fragrance and total visual blow-your-mind feature for the ‘I do’ snaps. Best yet, something so simple but beyond compare were the heart-warming and uplifting wall of personal piccies. From early memories, to shared journeys and adventures and poignant salutes to their nearest and dearest – these photographs were able to be pinned to our canvas hook points, draped from beams and wrapped around poles creating a captivating and enjoyable display throughout for all to share and treasure.

Awe-inspiring tipi features that you’re sure to love

Marquee hire and typically tipi marquee hire will leave lasting impressions. If you’re looking for an open marque hire then you really have to see our out-of-this world tipis and experience for yourself the magnificence of celebrating your event whilst at one with nature. Whether that’s sitting underneath the raised canopies to watch the sunset or enjoying a night-cap under the clear starlit skies. It’s that connection with the outdoors that is irresistible.

If being immersed in the natural environment wasn’t enough, there’s the mesmerising, warming and enchanting open fire-pits. Imagine toasting a marshmallow over the glowing flames and enjoying a back-to-basics sweet treat with friends – just divine! There’s nothing quite like it, we promise! And with 1000s of toasty mallows under our belts, we know it’s a sure-fire winner for all your guests.

If you’re looking for marquee tent hire, we can bet your bottom dollar that you’ve asked yourself a couple of key practical questions. What if it rains? What will it be like if it’s a bit cooler or in winter. Well I do love to be the bearer of great news. The answer is simple – tipis are absolutely exceptional all year round. With their raised porches (or if you’d like a closed and totally rainproof tipi), you and you’re guests are nestled inside the tipis and are never too close to the British sprinklings of wet weather we’re rather prone to, Oh and our tents are weatherproof for extreme conditions – a bit of British rain is nothing for what these tough tipis can handle. Move over rain, what about colder temperatures? Fear not, with the fire-pits providing a cosy warmth and our best-in-class heaters your party will be heating up in a jiffy. Seriously what is a jiffy?

Tipis with open canopies to enjoy the stunning moonlit twilight skies
Warming and inviting open tipi fire - perfect for toasting marshmallows on

I couldn't fault you at all keep up the great work.

It has been an absolute pleasure speaking to you. With regards to your customer service, it's fantastic I couldn't fault you at all - keep up the great work.

Kevin Rivers Wedding set for 10-06-2017
Hand-crafted, made-to-measure wooden tipi bars and rustic decorations
Hand-crafted, made-to-measure wooden tipi bars and rustic decorations
Hand-crafted, made-to-measure wooden tipi bars and rustic decorations

Tipi Unique roaring open fire-pit

5 other reasons why tipis make for fantastic occasions

Ditch the hassle of searching for that needle-in-a-haystack perfect venue. Throw yourself an extra-amazing tipi celebration and be sure to DIY it in your own way. You’re in complete control here… You have officially taken the reigns.

  1. Do it your way: Whether you’re looking for your own caterers, bar company, entertainment or other elements that will add appeal and originality to your shin-dig – there’s no rules or preferred suppliers here. You can create your ultimate event team with no-one to steer, shift or persuade you that you really must have ‘X’ or you definitely need ‘Y’. Oh and to add a further dusting of wonderfulness, you can do away with all of those hidden extras like drinks’ corkage, menu upgrades, late bar/extended hours charges, etc. and spend that hard-earned cash on other equally fabulous aspects of your event. It’s your special occasion, every detail should be flexible and just how you want it to be! Hopefully, as it should be, that’s a celebration free of all restrictions.
  2. Extend the festivities: If it’s partying’ ’til dawn (or at least setting out with the intention too), or looking for a venue that offers the opportunity to gather your loved ones and celebrate in style either side of the main affair – tipis give you this by the bucket load. We’ll often be handing over your knock-out tipis a couple of days prior – so you really can get make the most of them by hosting say a pre- and after-party gathering. Provision of the tipis for the weekend, no problem! Deciding who to invite and how to make these soirees complement your big day is over to you.
  3. Every penny counts an’ all: We’ve established now that tipi hire is a totally cool option if you’re looking for unusual marquee hire. Worried it’s going to cost the earth. You can sleep easy knowing that tipi hire is actually comparable in cost to hiring a marquee. Looking for an easier way to plan, we’ve created some popular tipi hire packages complete with structures, furnishings and accessories to boot to help you on your way. Not quite right, no problem. Build your own item-by-item quote (a perfect way to keep a watching eye on the budget too) by selecting any of our individually priced elements to make your day extraordinary.
  4. Did we mention we’ve got a master craftsman in our clan: My very own hubby, Mat has a certain special talent. He’s a super incredibly talented carpenter/joiner. So if you’ve been searching high and low for the perfect wooden detail, perhaps an archway, a personalised bar, table centres etc. you just have to say the word and we’ll work with you to create a bespoke item that we’ll then lovingly deliver (and if needed, install) during the tipi set-up. Now how’s that for service…and something a little different to get excited about? Yes you really can have anything you’ve dreamed of…
  5. Bring-it-all-to-life layouts: We’ve been talking tipis, sharing pics, vids and the like and you’ve got the bug. We know you want to see how your very own get-together could look and feel inside the tipis. With our scaled layouts, you’ll see an exact representation of the the floor plans and space making it easy to select the right sized tipis for your merriments, visualise your seating arrangements and position any other event features or activities. They also help you get a crackin’ feel for the flow inside your tipis i.e. entrances, movements in and around, where key spaces are situated such as dance for or chill-out retreats. You’ll have these from the off, (and, we’re on hand 24/7 to tweak and update layout concepts) so you’ve got ample opportunity to refine this and know exactly what to expect leading up to your celebration.