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Tipi hire for any event:

We provide beautiful tipi structures for any occasion, and not just the larger events such as tipi weddings. We have hired out our tents for corporate and charity dos, as well as memorials, vow renewals, festivals and milestone birthdays, so if you are looking for tipi hire you are at the right place.

Summer events are truly magnificent – particularly with the tipi sides raised, making the most of stunning scenery. In winter with the sides down, the tipis are warm and have a cosy ambience. It is super easy and completely hassle free to have an outdoor tipi event in any season. All of our Nordic tipis are manufactured in an authentic Swedish design, and have been rigorously tried and tested for durability and strength. (Click here to learn more about our weather proofing techniques)!

Hiring tipis for your event is simple, and creating the right space is easily achieved. Our main aim is to create a celebration that is loved by everyone, and to leave all guests with amazing first impressions and lasting memories.

Giant tipi hire:

First up we have the kings of the tipi world, our beloved giant tipis. They are an event venue like no other, constantly providing versatile and striking spaces. With a maximum capacity of 80 seated and 120 standing guests in each 10.3m structure, they are perfect for creating a whole host of different atmospheres.

More guests? No problem. You don't just have to stick to the one giant tipi, as by joining several of our tents together the numbers of people enjoying the tipis can be increased. Some of our smaller structures can be linked with our giants to maximise your space and create different zones (bars, dance floor, chill-out areas) - the sky is the limit!

(Credit: Christopher McGloin Photography)

You can also choose to raise the canvas of the tipis to gain more room and to wow guests upon arrival. Or you could keep it closed down to later reveal the magical wonders inside. Our talented team can also be on-hand throughout the day to switch up your tipis and to alter the canvas to your liking. 

Our giants are ​always the stars of the show, with so much scope to add personalised finishing touches. Bring in your favourite decorations, photographs, florals and colour schemes - even your own furnishings! We don't mind how you choose to style our tipis, as long as it is personal to your special occasion. 

Please note that all of our products/furnishings remain at a fixed price, yet the price of giant tipi will increase by a small £50 each year.

*2019 amazing price of £1,150 incl. matted flooring per giant tipi.

Tipi Hire

(Credit: Pixies in the Cellar)

(Credit: Sarita White Photography)

(Credit: Pixies in the Cellar)



I couldn't fault you at all keep up the great work.

It has been an absolute pleasure speaking to you. With regards to your customer service, it's fantastic I couldn't fault you at all - keep up the great work.

Kevin Rivers Wedding set for 10-06-2017

Kung tipi:

Our Kung tipis are a little smaller in diameter, but no smaller in character. The 8.25m tipis offer the same rustic charm as our giant tipis, yet with a slightly lower height and width. This tipi is able to seat 40 and stand 50+ people so can still accommodate quite large guest numbers.

Another great quality of our kung tipis is that they can easily be linked to a giant tipi, helping to maximise your event space. Having this add-on structure gives guests an area to relax and escape the dance floor, as it provides intimacy, exclusivity and a cosy sanctuary. This is also a popular tipi to house bar areas, as you gain a whole 8m of workable room. 

If your venue is tight on space (length and/or width) please don’t fret! The innovative LinkFlex system allows our team to connect two kungs together, giving a longer and narrower structure of over 16m. Not only this, but we are able to fashion porch ways to generate as much room as possible. 

*£785 incl. matted flooring. 

(Credit: Arran James Photography)

*​6m space £550 incl. matted flooring and white lighting.

*12m x 6m space £1000 incl. matted flooring and white lighting.

6m square pagoda - catering tent hire:

Our handy 6m spaces have a multitude of uses, and link seamlessly with our giant tipis - blending in beautifully due to the pitched roof and honeycomb coloured canvas. With four detachable and easy-to-open sides, you can again choose to remove the panels if needed.

You can use them as the designated party tipi, complete with dance floor and band, or as a working kitchen and practical food service area. At previous events they also have become home to ceremony spaces, bars, cloakrooms, tech storage, crèches and more.

This is a stylish and harmonious tipi, making it one of our much-loved additions. By connecting two together, they can be transformed into a 12m x 6m space for a large outdoor bar and refreshment area. Perfect for bigger events where larger guest numbers will be regularly visiting the bar to indulge in their favourite booze!



So many people said it was the best wedding they had been to...

I choose to use Tipi Unique for our wedding over our venues recommended supplier because they were just so easy to deal with, nothing was too much trouble and their tipis were just amazing. As I am a florist and venue designer, being able to create the atmosphere and style I wanted was so important, so being able to work with my suppliers was absolutely crucial and Tipi Unique gave me such a fantastic space to work with.

Nothing was too much trouble for them, we changed things several times (sorry!) and the bar and fire pit we ordered as well were such big hits with the guests. We cannot recommend them enough, if you want a truly different wedding and want to create a beautiful space, that is only yours, then these guys are a must.

Thank you so much for being part of an amazing day, so many people said it was the best wedding they had been to, informal, relaxed, but full of loads of details that these tipis enabled us to supply. We spent lots of time in them, setting everything up that it really felt like home and so many people commented on what an amazing energy the space in the tipis had. I didn't want to leave. Warm, comfortable, amazingly flat under foot, (I had heels on and I didn't even notice it was so easy to walk on) and so versatile, you could create anything under them. Truly truly spectacular thank you all.

Kerry Ballard Married on 30th April 2017

Ohana tipi:

A distinctively quirky canopy structure - this is a hugely popular number and makes a fab addition to a whole range of events. We can’t tell you how much we love this unique 7.5m space!

This tipi provides shelter/shade during our unpredictable weather forecasts, and can be used with or without side walls to add extra coverage. Enjoy the tipi through to the evening by dressing it with coloured and/or fairy lights.

It is amazing for creating eye-catching entertainment stations, bar/welcome drink areas, or for an extra bit of outdoor seating. Yet with over 7m of space you can do anything you like! We just love the ethos behind the name, as it's so in keeping with our company beliefs and policies. It really fits in with the concept of 'Ohana' as it is a place to gather and create memories with family and friends.

(Credit: Sarita White Photography)

*£350 incl. matted flooring.



Everyone loved the edison bulbs especially!

Karen & Mat were fantastic from the moment we got in touch. So very supportive the whole way through the process. Karen is always on the other end of an email/call for whatever queries or concerns you may have. It was a pleasure organising our wedding and was made so much easier with a team like Tipi Unique.

Their styling and accessories really give the tipis the perfect look. Everyone loved the edison bulbs especially. Thank you Karen and Mat for being the best team we could have asked for xx

Nollaig Ní Ríordáin Married on 20th August 2016

Boutique tipi hotel - glamping tipis:

A glamping suite with so much to offer, and all the comforts of a real hotel room. Similar to a bell tent, but better! Our tipi hotels are sized at 6m and will comfortably sleep 10 people max.

​With different packages to suite, this is the ultimate safe haven for the end of the night after any occasion. 

Natural suite:

This package is all about being at one with nature, and is camping at it’s absolute best. All camping essentials are covered, so don’t worry about damp duvets or a chilly nights sleep, you’ll be completely snug and super cosy.

*£150 for 3 nights and £35 for each extra night.

(Credit: Graham Edwards)

Comfort suite:

Camping with a few home comforts! Sink into your king size bed amongst the fairy lights and lanterns, as they provide a subtle and soothing glow.

*£250 for 3 nights and £55 for each extra night.

Luxury suite:

For those who seek the finer things in life, and who love unique experiences. This has all elements from the previous two packages, yet with a little more luxury, such as a wood burring stove and delicious picnic hamper.

*£350 for 3 nights and £77 for each extra night.

Download our Boutique Tipi Hotel brochure here!

Boutique party pad:

Host a party with a difference! Perfect for any type of party hire, and for any age range - from little ones to equally as excitable adults! Our 6m party pad will accommodate 15 children or more (talk to us to confirm capacities).

Party essentials:

Created with children in mind and delivered with all the ingredients for the coolest party pad around! This provides all of the essentials, from fun and comfy seating to tables for activities and dining. We've got plenty of child-friendly items that can be used for your kid's party, so please let us know if you're stuck for ideas!

*£150 for 3 nights & £35 for each extra night.

Bespoke for you:

Can be used for anything you desire, from hen dos and man caves, to glamping and gaming. This packages allows you to create any type of party atmosphere with lasting memories for all.

*From £100 up to 3 nights - get in touch to discuss prices for bespoke packages. 

Perfectly paired:​

Our Ohana tipi is a match made in heaven for the party pad. It offers a gorgeous sheltered area that is in close proximity for all guests to sit and relax, whilst keeping a close eye on mischievous little ones. 

​*£500 for both structure for 3 nights

Download our Boutique Party Pad brochure here!

(Credit Kate Mayo Wedding Photography)

Spacious additions:

These are our innovate solutions to gain 25% extra space, and to create straight walls inside your giant event tipis (10.3m only). Meaning key areas can be pushed back, allowing sufficient space for you and your guests to enjoy the celebrations.

Wooden frontage:

An impressive and welcoming entrance that is both beautiful and practical. The cedar frontage is completely hand-crafted, and exclusive to Tipi Unique, adding an element of rustic luxury to year-round events. Be sure to utilise your extra space for display areas, window seats, coat rails, welcome drinks and much more.

*£475 for complete double door frontage​.

Panoramic windows:

Let the outside in! During the colder months you can stay cosy and warm, whilst still enjoying those gorgeous winter views. The panoramic windows are one of our most popular weather-proofing techniques, and still a favourite addition during summer events. They come complete with optional doorways, so you can choose to use this as you guest entrance, or to keep the space enclosed to accentuate the ambience.

*£275 or £375 with the addition of solid oak doors.

Awning extensions:

A canvas extension which is both extremely discreet and effective. It's clever design means it produces more room for bars, photo booths feature tables, bands/stages and more. This addition generates as much space as the two mentioned above, yet is a more subtle and understated way of achieving it. Great for those who want to want to create the illusion of a much larger event space,  yet without any obvious extensions. 

*£275 or £375 with the addition of solid oak doors. ​

Get in touch - hire our tipis for your special event!

All of these beauties can all stand proud on their own, but they’re just sensational when linked together to create interesting, diverse and intriguing open plan spaces. And as mentioned previously, there’s no limit you can really just keep adding them on…

Whether you know from the off what size event you’re planning, or if you need a bit of support in terms of understanding recommended capacities, we’re on hand to offer our expert advice. We are here to help you create the very best, the most suitable, and the most striking tipi set up achievable.

Please get in touch to start discussions and plans for your fabulous tipi event hire - we can't wait to hear from you!

*Note: All tipi prices include matted flooring, not all tipi companies do this. 

If you want more information on the specifications of our Nordic tipis please contact us!

To visit our gallery click here, and to watch our fab videos click here!