Giant Tipi hire in Cheshire, wow your guests

Giant tipi hire in Cheshire, the perfect venue

Why hire a tipi in Cheshire?

Great news, you love what you’ve seen so far. You’ve jumped on board the tipi express headed forth toward hiring a tipi for your special celebration – choo choo (I just couldn’t resist *blush*). Congrats anyhow! Next up, the crucial and all-important question…

Where shall I hold my fabulous, out of this world get together?

  • Where do you start?
  • There’s so many options nowadays to consider isn’t there?
  • Should I be looking to hire a tipi that’s pitched in a hotel with gorgeous grounds?
  • How about a private house or hall that welcomes teepee hire?
  • Could a village field be what I’m after?
  • Yes, yes and absolutely yes. Any or all are just crackin’ options.

Fortunately, you needn’t look much further than our very own doorstep. We’re based in the heart of Cheshire and we simply love our stunning and picturesque countryside as well as the diverse range of beyond-beautiful locations for a wonderfully interesting and unique occasion. One thing’s for sure, I can guarantee that for tipi hire Cheshire, you’re going to be spoilt for choice. Whatever tops your wishlist – there’s an abundance of delightful venues across our lovely county. How about luxury tipi hire set in your very own secluded woodland? Is hosting an enchanted evening surrounded by breath-taking gardens what you’re after? Perhaps your looking to hire a tipi that will take pride of place in a sentimental spot – your garden, a family friend’s piece of land or a much-loved nature retreat.

Cheshire Tipi Hire

Tipi Unique appealed initially as you're local and independent...

As I have done with any research around the wedding, I looked online, at social pages and emailed those that seemed to fit our requirements. Tipi Unique appealed initially as you're local and independent and I liked the idea of supporting local traders etc but, I also felt I would get a better service compared with larger companies that just see you as 'another booking' and that is an important factor for me.

The first email you sent to me in response to my enquiry was friendly, personal and you actually made me feel excited about the wedding. Up to that point I was overwhelmed with decisions and worried that I was making the wrong choices. Other responses I had from companies offering a similar service were often generic which seems a bit cold when you're making some really big (and expensive) decisions. And every contact since then has been the same which, highlights to me that you care about your customers and you'll go the extra mile.

Michelle Walkden Wedding set for 9-06-2018
Countryside Weddings

Think Cheshire teepee hire might cost the earth – think again!

If you’re looking to throw an amazing bash on a budget, then Cheshire’s your place. We know some nifty hidden gems that offer a incredible range of facilities to get the best bang for your buck (sorry, bit too much American, hey?). Nope but seriously, if you want to make every penny count, we can point you in the direction of places that will offer pretty much everything you could need (and often more) from the use of perfectly proportioned function rooms and accommodation to fresh water, on-site electricity, toilets and more. Our fave has to be a local treasure, just 5 minutes from Northwich, that can create the ultimate outdoor adventure including woodland segways, birds of prey displays topped off with a fine helping of ‘Bear Grylls-style’ survival and buschcraft. Incredible!

Everyday we fall in love over and over again by how staggeringly beautiful Cheshire is. So much so that our little book of venues (or as we like to call them – ‘our slices of Cheshire heaven’) is getting bigger by the day. Tell us what’s important, we’ll put on our matchmaker hat and will help whittle down our directory down to those that will make your heart skip a beat.

We don’t stop there we deliver all over the North West…

So we’ve shared an in ‘tents’ amount of love for Cheshire. (Everyone loves a pun, right?). D’ya know what, I’ve just gotta tell you just one more thing. If you’re looking for large tipi hire in Cheshire, one of the very best bits about our fabulous location is the unbeatable connection to all surrounding cities, towns and just about anywhere you wish to get to or from. Tell your nearest and dearest your shin-dig is in Cheshire, give ’em the post code (remember folks, we’re rural out here, so try not to lead them into a farmer’s field) and watch their delight as they realise it’s only a hop and a jump down any of our major motorways. Woo-hoo, party on! Oh and with a plethora (ooh, love that word) of mighty fine and dandy accommodation choices you can be sure you’re going to have one of the best knees-up of all time.

Cheshire Tipi Hire
Tipi interior, set in the Northwest

Now, needless to say, the above doesn’t just apply to Cheshire, (with a rather pesky voice in my head, I hear loudly, ‘other locations are available’). Yep, that’s right too.

If you’re looking for tipi hire North West, then sure as the grass is green, we can guide you toward your dream of having an extraordinary extravaganza anywhere in the North West.

Like our love for Cheshire, we’ve been roaming far and wide, pounding the streets and wandering the hills to bring you a eclectic mix of blow-your-mind kinda’ venues. Each one we love for its uniqueness and originality. Each one offers something so different and inviting. Be it, Cumbria, Manchester, Lancashire or Merseyside we’ve hand-picked some of the North West’s finest jewels and we’ll fix you up with the folks there to be darn sure you have a totally top notch bash.


It's great knowing they had their own wedding in a tipi - so have experienced it first hand!

We chose Tipi Unique after a lot of research and emails to various tipi and marquee suppliers. Tipi Unique had competitive pricing, so we met them along with another 2 suppliers to view our venue. As soon as we met Karen she was so helpful and her knowledge was brilliant. She made us feel excited about our wedding and helped us to see how a tipi could work in the space that we had.

Since meeting Karen she has since sent over so much information for us to look through, along with detailed cost options with various set ups and layouts. Tipi Unique are so great at communication, and because of their knowledge in this area it gives you the confidence for your own wedding. It's also great knowing they had their own wedding in a tipi so have experienced it first hand!

Overall they are great at communication, they have competitive pricing, and they give you lots of confidence for your big day 🙂

Steph Dale Wedding set for 3-06-2017

We’re not just any tipi hire company

Ok you’re pretty certain you’re looking for luxury tipi hire for your next big get-together. You’ve thrown yourself into planning a DIY, outdoors, out-there, night-never-to-forget celebration. Seems kinda’ daunting? Starting to wonder if throwing a party at a local function room might a be a more straight forward option? With all the facilities on site, all you really have to do is turn up ready to rock, right? Well yes, this is true, but where’s the fun in that? Live for the adventure, dream big and plan that stand-out tipi event that will leave lasting impressions forever more.

Wait, what if there was way to make it less DIY and more completely organised on your behalf. Imagine if you could trust a tipi hire company to take care of the humdrum of event planning, beaver tirelessly behind the scenes and take care of every detail and make sure it’s co-ordinated to perfection. Sounds good, means you can focus on the important stuff like who’s coming, what to wear, what food will hit the mark and above all else how much time do we have to Insta and Pinterest research ideas for making it extra-awesome?

Tipi Unique for lasting impressions
Traditional Tipi Event in Cheshire

From managing the practicalities like sourcing toilets, power and water, our job is to make sure we’ve got apples to apples comparisons on prices and ultimately we’ve secured you the very best deal for your event amenities. Being long-established and with hundreds of events under our belt, means we get outstanding trade rates and we love nothing more than passing these on to you.

Worried about calculating the right amount of power needed for your party? Panic over, we’ll even go the extra mile and contact all suppliers to find out the nitty-gritty about their power loads, equipment and other on-the-day needs i.e. the techy stuff!. We like to do lots of dotting, crossing and checking (all those things to Is and Ts that folk do). We’re on the look out for things that might come a cropper, we’ll share these and always with a range of solutions early doors for you to consider.


It was a no brainer as soon as we met you Karen!

We chose Tipi Unique because of how helpful you have been to both me and Kev in the lead up to our booking. You've done everything with our best interest at heart, such as the low deposit, and pencilling us in until we were ready to book. You are extremely competitive on price as well, and we found we were getting the best for our money with you. It was a no brainer as soon as we met you Karen! Tipi Unique is perfect for us!

Rebecca O’Brien Wedding set for 29-9-2018

It’s not just about the functional aspects of the day for us, we are mad passionate about styling your tipis also.

We’ve hosted oodles of insanely different occasions in our tipis, so we’re bursting with ideas of some of the best and most creative ways to layout the space within your tipis and adorn them with fabulous goodies, making them sing with your personality and reflect all of the things you really love. We’ve got a warehouse full of impressive items that you can spend hours browsing through to add flair and individuality to your occasion (you can of course just use our accessories catalogue too if you’d like). Oh, and by the way, we’re like little magpies, we love collecting new goodies. We’re always on the lookout for those pieces that will accentuate and complement your celebration. Not to mention, with my hubby’s stupendous joinery skills (that’s what he did before erecting tipis for fab events), he can literally hand-craft anything you can dream up – providing it’s made of wood of course. How about this to give you a flavour of what’s possible: we’re creating personalised Lion the Witch and Wardrobe doors, a whimsical wooden arch for a romantic ceremony as well as a hanging edison light bulb display suspended from a wooden beam. Nice!

Tipi ideas
Tipi alternative floor plans

Should the items of your dreams not be found on our very own shelves, we can wave our magic wand, sprinkle a little fairy dust and we’ll get our trusted partners in the We’ll ask you a couple of questions like what sort of entertainment might you be looking for? Or, what food style floats your boat? How do you want the bar to run? Then we’ll consult our rather ginormous book of trusted, best in the business suppliers and send you on your merry way knowing that there’s a supplier out there who talks your language, gets what you’re after and is as mad passionate as us about delivering a knock-out experience.

So whether, it’s our full event plan, tailored tipi floor plans or advice about styling and good old trusted recommendations for finding perfect suppliers to provide all of the pieces of your event jigsaw puzzle, we’re on it (and I mean constantly on it, we live an breath this stuff). We like to think we’re a pretty decent tipi hire company, we go above an beyond to make sure that all of your important event elements run along tickety boo. You really can just turn up ready to enjoy the party – we promise!


It was a no brainer as soon as we met you Karen!

We chose Tipi Unique because of how helpful you have been to both me and Kev in the lead up to our booking. You've done everything with our best interest at heart, such as the low deposit, and pencilling us in until we were ready to book. You are extremely competitive on price as well, and we found we were getting the best for our money with you. It was a no brainer as soon as we met you Karen! Tipi Unique is perfect for us!

Rebecca O’Brien Wedding set for 29-9-2018

Not just giant tipi hire for weddings we do other occasions too, here’s some ideas…

If you’ve been having a good old rummage around our website (which we sincerely hope you have, and that you’ve enjoyed it too), then you may have seen that we do quite a lot of tipi tent hire for weddings. Now who doesn’t love a wedding? Such a joyous, wondrous celebration of two people’s love for each other. We sure do, so much so that we had our very own tipi wedding​.

Tipi alternative occasions/parties
Unique outdoor parties

For me, and I hope you’ll agree, there’s a lot that can be lovingly applied from a tipi wedding (see our tipi wedding hire page for more wedding goodness) to any other form of tipi get-together.

No matter what type of hullaballoo you’re planning (and we hope yours will be wild, free-spirited and unique), planning any form of celebration follows the same principles: when, where, how, who etc. With our zest for getting involved in your event and sharing our all-encompassing planning expertise, styling greatness and hookin’ you up with some of the North West’s primo entertainment honchos – you’ve got the ideal recipe for a knees-up to remember.

We’re like proud parents here at Tipi Unique, nothing pleases us more than capturing and sharing some beautiful moments from our star tipi appearances across the UK. If our tipis could talk, they’d tell you of adventures such as being at a numerous county shows, with some uber-famous folk delivering workshops, demonstrations and presenting inside don’t ya know? They’d also tell you about our how they’ve popped up at cool comedy and beer festivals to name a few. Secrets would be shared of the well-known and upcoming talents delivering soulful acoustic live concerts and performances to packed audiences. More tales would be told of those that enjoyed Christmas and NYE festive frolics inside the warming and alluring tipis. Like many before, transform your outdoor space (you just need 6m or more) and use tipi tents for hire to celebrate in style for your next birthday, summer garden party or after-prom party retreat. Crankin’ it up a notch, how about a throw a back-yard rave or even a silent disco.

Seriously, ask me to list all of the interesting ideas for tipi uses and we’d be here all day (and I realise this is already a pretty generous slice of tipi cake you’ve been enjoying), so with a firm eye on the finish line how about a whistle-stop list (and by no means exhaustive) of a few more ideas for the kinda’ occasions that are absolutely made for tipis.

We’re raising bags of cash this year for charity and fundraising galas. We’re tempting tastebuds and opening purses with pop-up restaurants and retail boutiques. Exciting promo such as product launches and filming is also on the cards. For those fuelled by adrenaline and seeking out adventure – the perfect après-activity bar and hang-out hub. For large groups of Scouts and Guides, a harmonious tipi to blend seamlessly with camp, yet provide a show-stopping hive for all things outdoors – bring ya marshmallows, this is where the jamboree is at!

Outdoor Dancefloor
Limitless outdoor occasions

Yes there’s still more… How does creating a team building day with a difference sound, or offering unforgettable hospitality? What about enjoying sporting jubilations in momentous surroundings. Perhaps a family winter wonderland experience complete with toy making workshop and grottos?

I could go on… Basically you get the gist of what’s achievable with luxury tipi hire… just about any event you can imagine. If it’s outdoors, you’ve got a neat spec to pitch up a tipi, then you’ve every reason to throw a magnificent merriment for one and all. You know what to do… get in touch. Together we’ll plan your perfect celebration. We can’t wait to hear from you.